Tuesday, 28 June 2011


My poor husband Michael has really gone and injured himself "big time" this time.
Rushing out on Friday through the back door when he heard Jessica scream in the garden resulted in him rupturing his achilles tendon.

We spent a good two and a half hours at the fracture clinic today and the doctor has explained that his leg may well be in plaster for the next 9 weeks. For the first 3 weeks his leg must virtually be immobile. It is apparently a very slow process of healing.
He has also a doctor's certificate for 12 weeks!!!!!
I thought I might knit him a large sock to keep his toes warm, but on second thoughts if he is to be at home for 12 weeks I could probably teach him to knit his own sock.
I'm hoping that the 9 weeks in plaster and the stay at home for 12 could be just precautionary and a worse case scenario.
Oh and we go on holiday in, you guessed it 9 weeks!

On a brighter note this is our magnolia bush/tree. It is a free flowering variety and we've had it for years.
Yesterday I noticed for the first time ever it is in bud.
Michael in the past has wanted to dig it up and get rid of it. He thought it would never flower.
So imagine how he felt, sitting indoors when I called out to him from the garden that I noticed 2 buds and he couldn't rush out and see them.
I'll post some more pictures when they are in bloom.

Thursday, 23 June 2011


You know sometimes when things, however hard you try, don't go to plan?
Well, this week I've tried very hard to master the art of knitting these half-fingered gloves.
On Tuesday evening I finally finished the fourth finger.
On Wednesday morning I took another peek at my efforts - dreadful!

Without further ado, I grabbed the closest thing to hand, which just happened to be the kitchen scissors and with four quick snips, the unruly fingers were gone!

After some slight difficulty in picking up the stitches,( I was left with half a stitch in places) I managed to remedy my mess and by finishing the glove off with a few rows of rib, I'm quite pleased with the result.
Just the other one of the pair to do now!

Saturday, 18 June 2011


In my last post, I mentioned that my next project to make was gloves. I found a lovely pattern on www.ravelry.com  by Lucy Hague  entitled Hands of Blue. I think it is a really pretty design and I've enjoyed making them up as far as the knuckles. The trouble is this is the first time I've knitted gloves so have found that beyond that, it has been a little tricky. I decided to make a half finger pair at the beginning of the week but after stumbling with the first finger, I changed my mind and altered my plan to fingerless. By Thursday I'd changed my mind again and met the challenge of knitting the half finger pair. Currently I'm just about to knit my second finger and am still persevering. 
Although I have now got myself in rather a muddle with my row counting and rate myself with only a small chance of both gloves being the same size. It's a bit like my sock knitting scenario!

A couple of pictures for you of some of the poppies in my front garden. I thought I'd better take them quick as the rain isn't being kind to them. 
It's strange, we moan that we need the rain and when we get it, we moan again!
There's no pleasing some!!

Sunday, 5 June 2011


I had to show you this photo I took in my garden of this little lady, I spied her by accident when I was weeding yesterday. I though at first that the nest was empty but was so pleased when I took a peek later and saw that the blackbird was nestled inside.

I've done various things this week. On Wednesday Kate and I took Charlotte and Jessica to Mersea Island. Mersea is only about half an hour from here so the ideal place to go if you want to play on the sand. I parked the car, bought a pay and display ticket and spent a few hours happily on the beach, digging holes, collecting seashells, drinking tea and eating ice cream - perfect!
Having had such a nice time, I didn't take kindly to finding a parking penalty notice slapped on my windscreen when we returned to the car. It was my fault, my ticket wasn't clearly displayed, but I had purchased it and if we had returned five minutes earlier at least I would have had the satisfaction of waving it under the Civil Enforcement Officer's nose!
As I write, I am challenging the penalty charge with great gusto but only because it's making me feel better, realistically I know that it will not be overturned!

It was later that same day whilst I was in the kitchen preparing dinner that Charlotte came in requesting a lettuce leave for her snail. She had been out in the garden since we'd returned home sorting through her bucket of shells. On closer inspection I quickly realised that the little head frantically popping in and out of the shell was not a snail but indeed a winkle. Once I'd explained what a winkle is, what it likes to eat and where it usually lives, it was agreed that we needed to return the winkle to the sea. So we found a small bucket to put it in (Charlotte had at first wanted to carry it in her hand but as it was so tiny,  I had visions of it being crushed before it even reached the sea), we set off on our short walk up to the river.
The tide was out, so no water just mud. Being the good Granny that I am, I climbed over the sea wall, down some slippery steps and placed the winkle in the mud under a clump of seaweed so it could float out on the next tide. Charlotte, still remains hopeful that the little winkle will make it back to Mersea Island. Bless her!

I took these photos at RHS Hyde Hall on Tuesday. I had a lovely time there with Miriam and Diane. Lots of chatter, a slow amble around the gardens and  a very nice lunch.

The display of poppies was beautiful, I think this is the best I've ever seen there. I've got loads growing in my front garden this year, all self-seeded, courtesy of the birds I would imagine. So far, only a few are in flower, but I'm hopeful that I too will have a colourful display.
Michael was eager to pull them all up about a month ago, he was convinced they were weeds. Really pleased he didn't.

To finish off this week  I have completed the Debbie Bliss all-in-one teddy bear outfit. I am really pleased with it and it has been finished just in time. Lindsey, my friend Maureen's daughter, is expecting her son in the next couple of weeks. I've knitted the second size so it'll fit the baby through the autumn/winter months.
I've found a lovely pattern on the internet for a pair of fingerless gloves so I'm going to give them a try for my next project. I'm hoping to use up some wool that I have left at the bottom of my knitting bag.