Wednesday, 27 April 2011


On Thursday Jo & Robert finally got the keys to their new home. Over Easter they've been busy getting the house ready, all four of them are very excited and actually moved in proper, yesterday.

We had already made plans to spend our Easter holiday on the Dorset/East Devon coast so we drove down to stay just outside Lyme Regis on Good Friday.

On Saturday we visited the gardens at RHS Rosemore, quite a journey from where we were staying but well worth it.
What a beautiful place?
I hope my photos do it justice!

On Saturday night we went for "an Evening at River Cottage"
The farm is set in beautiful countryside and from the moment we arrived the event team did everything to ensure we had a brilliant time.
I don't often recommend things but this is a must. If you have a chance to go I hope you enjoy it us much as we did.

On Easter Sunday we walked along the coastal path joining it at Rousdon and making the 3.5 miles on the undercliff path to Lyme Regis. Our hosts from our B&B Christine and Grayson warned us that the pathway was somewhat rickety, uneven and steep in parts but just after 2hours later we descended down into Lyme. So pleased that we made the walk, beautiful views, quite spectacular in parts and for most of the way there were wildflowers, bluebells and an abundance of wild garlic.

Now, if we had done the walk before our evening at River Cottage we wouldn't have known what wild garlic looked like. However, our second course was steamed pollock in a wild garlic broth and the chef explained that the garlic is currently being sold in London's Borough market for quite a price. He reckoned the black sackful that he'd collected himself from his own garden was probably worth in the region of £400! The little flowers made an added prettiness to the plate and edible.
The whole dish was delicious!

On Easter Monday after yet another hearty breakfast, (checkout if you're ever in need of an excellent place to stay in this area), and in glorious sunshine we spent the morning in Beer and then drove on down to Branscombe Bay where we walked up through a meadow of buttercups to take in the breathtaking view. I'm not trying to be funny there! I may well have been out of breath walking up the steep hill but the view was actually well worth it and breathtaking.

We were so lucky to have had gorgeous weather for our long weekend away. Now back home, well rested, we can prepare ourselves for our next bank holiday. Only a few days to go!

Sunday, 10 April 2011


It was so lovely to be at Hyde Hall on Thursday in the sunshine, so I really counted myself lucky to be enjoying the sunshine yet again on Friday at Burnham.

There was hardly a ripple on the water as we watched this yacht arrive, possibly its first time out this year.

Yesterday I spent all my time in the garden planting our vegetable plot, peas, shallots, chard and potatoes to start with. I'm just hoping my little guests will watch them grow rather than evict them from the soil

Today I'm cooking a lovely dinner from a recipe I've seen on Heldasland's blog. From the picture it looks delicious!

Thursday, 7 April 2011


I have finally finished, having just given it a light press, the Debbie Bliss summer top. I love the colour and hopefully will wear it soon as we're now experiencing some nicer weather.
Next to knit is another Debbie Bliss garment. This time, I'm knitting for my friend Maureen's baby grandson due to be born in the summer. It's an all in one suit with teddy bear ears. Maureen and her daughter will love it, they're both full of fun and excellent humour.
So watch this space, I'm hopefully going to start it tonight after dinner when I've got my feet up, little distractions permitting.

I've spent the earlier part of today at RHS Hyde Hall.

These lovebirds caught my eye!
Rather expensive as you would imagine, not something I'll be able to enjoy in my own garden.
A lovely place to meet up with friends and to enjoy the spring sunshine. In fact we had a lazy time there, just a little walking and lots of talking over coffee, lunch and more coffee.

Sunday, 3 April 2011


The past week has been a hectic one. My family moved out of their house and in with us on Tuesday and we've been busy sorting and re-arranging since then. Hopefully they should have a clearer indication when they'll be able to move into their new home this week. House buying and selling is stressful at the best of times but in this current economic climate even more difficult. They'd waited such a long time for a buyer that they couldn't afford to loose her and took the risk of completing their sale before the paper work on their new place was finished.
Fingers crossed for them that everything goes ok.
It was lovely having them here this morning a special treat for mother's day and what a lovely apt gift for me from Charlotte and Jessica.