Friday, 29 July 2011


I promised a picture of my magnolia in bloom and here it is, the last one from the three buds that appeared this year. 

Life this week has been busy, busy, busy!
Though it didn't start out with that intention.

Monday saw me enjoying a leisurely visit to the Docklands Museum in London with friends to visit the pirates exhibition being held there.
After our swashbuckling adventure we chilled out in limited sunshine for a very nice relaxed lunch.

Tuesday came and so also should have the kitchen fitters!
Well, that didn't happen!

Wednesday - Granny day. Swimming, playing in the park, pom pom making and lunch courtesy of their Grandad, in the Lock Tiptree Jam Tearoom.
Not quite. Kitchen fitters in as well who tried to remedy our water leak and advised us that we are going to have to have two new cupboards. So for now, the  kitchen is just semi-finished.

On Thursday I took on the task of filling the kitchen cupboards that can be used. I certainly think I lost a few pounds carrying it all down the stairs. I've been storing most of the stuff in a spare bedroom and when it was put in there originally I had a husband who wasn't on crutches!

Today, Friday we have the painter in. The kitchen is now looking and working as a kitchen should.
I'm looking forward later to cooking a proper meal, drinking a small glass on wine, putting my feet up and grabbing for my knitting!

Sunday, 17 July 2011


Happy Birthday to our little grand daughter Charlotte, I can't believe she's 5 today, time has just flown by.
As you can see, I did manage to make her a cake in my unfinished kitchen. Thankfully I now have a cooker to use, a sink to look at and worktops. Here's hoping during the coming week there will be usable cupboards and more importantly running water.
If only you could have seen Michael and I on Tuesday, we decided to connect the old sink, something under normal conditions he could have done easily. However, with his leg in plaster it was not so easy.
Between us we managed to connect the u bend, though no cold water at all, we did somehow manage to get hot water out of the cold tap. Result!
We also had a spectacular looking design feature which we've never had before, the taps could turn 360 degrees. Amazing!
This  weekend we are again waterless but there's plenty falling outside to compensate.

Michael's now had his op to reconnect his achilles tendon. Everything went well and hopefully he'll be wearing an air boot instead of the plaster after next weekend. Fingers crossed!
 Mind you, he seems to be getting used to being at home now which could be worrying!

I picked these vegetables first thing this morning from my garden. We're looking forward to having them for dinner later with some baked mackerel from good old Marks and Sparks!
I think the BBQ is a definite no-no this weekend.
Still apparently we need the rain so in good old british tradition, we've got it!

Sunday, 10 July 2011


This little chap is a new addition to our family!
Rob popped in on his way home, after collecting the little puppy. As yet he has only his kennel name, Peter.
Now as that is Kate's partner's name, I don't think that's very appropriate. Can you imagine, every time we ask "another beer Pete?"
 the poor dog will think it's for him.
I'm sure between Jo, Rob and the children they will come up with a more suitable name.
In the meantime more importantly, he knows that I'm Granny and I've already made clear to him one of my ground rules and told him he's not to dig up my garden.
We will get on famously, I'm sure!

Do you like my pumpkin flowers?
I think they're really bright and colourful. At least they've brightened up my garage wall. I'm not expecting the pumpkins to grow, I just like the flowers! 

Michael's leg is still plastered, as you would expect but we're hoping that an operation he's having this week will help with his recovery, fingers crossed! What with Michael not being able to get around and the kitchen fitters not doing what they're supposed to be doing, life this past week has been hectic and frustrating.
Hopefully on Monday, the kitchen company will endeavour to figure out a plan to rectify the issues but if not,  I'll still be using my washing machine as an island in the middle of my kitchen and not an appliance to wash clothes in.
If this is the case, when I write my blog next weekend, I will be naming and shaming the kitchen company involved.
The simple question for them is -  how far can you stretch the patience of a woman?

Tuesday, 5 July 2011


The fingerless gloves are both now finished. I'm quite pleased with my first attempt, would have liked them to have been the same size but one can't always have everything your own way. Well, that's what my parents used to tell me when I was a child and an only one at that.
I'm hoping that through some slight stretching and let's face in when I start wearing them later in the year, my hands should mould them into shape, they will fit perfectly!

I'm that impressed, I've already started another pair, a different pattern, wool and design but here goes!

Sunday, 3 July 2011


Happy Birthday Jessica, 2 years old today!

For the last time I used my oven yesterday, thanks to ebay it is now sitting in someone else's kitchen.
Though now battered and bruised, over a period of at least 20 years it has cooked countless cakes, tasty dinners and inevitably aided in some creative disasters.
As the kitchen fitters are moving in tomorrow to transform my new kitchen I was going to buy a cake for Jessica's 2nd birthday but Michael thought it was a shame and I'm glad I agreed with him in the end because I actually did get pleasure from the making the cake. Once out of the oven I gave the door a quick wipe over with a cloth and thought - Done!
Just hope the new cooker lasts me as long and is as good as the bumf says it is!

As for Michael and the ongoing Achilles crisis, over this week he has started to accept that sitting with his plastered leg elevated is the only way forward. He is fortunate, he can do some work from home, so as long as he has his mobile and his laptop in reach he's fairly happy.
Don't know when he'll be able to get back out in the garage, so work on his boat is suspended for the foreseeable future.

As for the running of our household, while he's out of action, well obviously I'm in charge!!!!!!