Monday, 31 August 2015


It came................

Warm sunshine and a family holiday in Turkey

 Making sand castles 

Eating far too many desserts

Making a big splash on the flume rides

and even making a new friend, fondly named Dobbin who fortunately didn't require much feeding but always needed a bed for the night with Granny and Grandad 

Enjoying a wonderful day in London to celebrate VJ Day with my Dad starting on Horse Guards

then joining in with the parade passing the Cenotaph

followed by afternoon tea in the gardens by Westminster Abbey.
Very scrummy indeed!

Our  grandchildren's sunflowers have brightened up our garden a treat
Charlotte's grew to about 8ft so she was very pleased hers was a winner!

Finally this charming chappy was spotted at RHS Hyde Hall yesterday while we were there to wander the craft fair and the gardens. The sculpture  by Robert James is there to commemorate 150 years of Lewis Caroll.

And then it went .............

Goodbye August, hello September.

Hope your August was as wonderful as ours.

Tuesday, 18 August 2015


70 years ago this young man was stationed in Burma.

On Saturday, he was in London to mark the 70th Anniversary of VJ Day, 
for my son and myself it was a great honour to walk beside him.

We had such an emotional and wonderful day.

Well done Dad!

"When You Go Home, Tell Them Of Us And Say, 
For Their Tomorrow, We Gave Our Today"

Saturday, 1 August 2015


 Having been spurred on by cheery words which, I thank you for from fellow bloggers I was finally ready to jump back on my roller coaster ride of amateur cake making.

Charlotte in her role of cake designer had specific ideas of what she wanted and had given me a drawing so I had something to work from

and once I'd stopped panicking in the end, I came up with this!

The bottom cake is plain sponge and the top tier, chocolate. I think the bright colours of the icing really set it off and I am so pleased with the result.

My daughter in law literally worked her socks off organising the children's parties this year. Charlotte's friends arrived in the afternoon, using up some energy on the bouncy castle and enjoying crafts like face painting and tattoo transfers.
As the afternoon moved into evening and after feasting on BBQ food they lounged indoors with popcorn and watched a movie.
Then before finally crashing out in the tent in the garden, they danced the night away in the spare room that had been stripped bare of furniture other than a glitter ball, disco lights and sound system.
Were they exhausted, unfortunately, not quite!!

When the morning came, breakfast was consumed and by lunchtime a sleepy bunch of Charlotte's friends went home.

After a quick tidy round preparations were again soon under way and as 1pm approached Jessica's friends arrived for a tea party for the afternoon. More fun was had on the bouncy castle and lots more face painting.

I had made another cake and this time it did look more like a teddy bear.

The children's birthdays and parties are now over for this year, no more 'till next March.
A good time was had by all  and my daughter in law now deserves a rest. Me, well I"m pleased to say I have washed and ironed my "pinny" and it's neatly folded back in the drawer.

I have also managed to do some knitting, I've just finished my hat.

I sat last night with needles and yarn ready to start a hat for baby Alfred ready for the autumn but did not even get to the casting on stage. As the end credits of Ripper Street rolled, I found I'd dozed off instead, totally missing out on the program and the knitting!

Enjoy your weekend, fingers crossed for some summer sunshine!