Sunday, 29 January 2012


These boots, whilst not made for walking, will hopefully keep my feet warm next week when the temperatures are apparently due to plummet.

The gorgeous legs are indeed mine. I did say to Michael when he was taking the photo for me this morning that I only wanted a picture of the slipper boots, not my legs. The photo turned out to be more of my legs and less of the slippers, so after much cropping and enhancing this was the best that I could manage.

I was a little disappointed that my writing smudged on the very last letter but overall I'm really pleased with the slippers and very glad that I knitted the children's size and not the adults!!!!

Also yesterday I've purchased/ordered the wool that I need to make the blanket for our bed as I mentioned in my last post. I'm looking forward to getting started on that. 49 x 10" squares to knit and then my worst nightmare 49 x 10" squares to sew together. It'll be a breeze?

My kitchen saga continues, it just seems to get worse and worse. Tomorrow I have a man coming to scrabble my kitchen floor with some sort of machinery which I've got a feeling is going to make a hell of a mess. Although the insurance company have said that they will cover my new cooker, other appliances and seal my new cupboards, we have been advised that it might be best to empty them.
 What a lovely job for a Sunday afternoon?
I'm just really hoping that once this is done tomorrow, the floor will be able to dry out and the process of restoring the kitchen can go ahead. Fingers crossed!

Sunday, 22 January 2012


My new year's knitting challenge, the sky scarf is coming along nicely. Now that I've sorted out my system for keeping the balls of yarn as tangle free as I possibly can, it is only taking me a couple of minutes each day to complete the two rows.

 My scarf is fairly wide, I'm working on 54 stitches to correspond with my age. I got that idea from a blog that I was reading. Thankfully I'm not 90, otherwise I could eventually end up with a sky blanket!

Talking of blankets and throws, I'm hoping that is going to be my next project. Hopefully later this year we are going to decorate our bedroom, that's when and if the kitchen is finally sorted following the leak from the soil pipe which came to light in November. However that's all another story and I've decided to keep me sane I need to focus past that and concentrate on new projects around the house.
I have had a lovely pattern book of blankets and throws for sometime and I'm quite eager to get started. I just need to sort my colour scheme and find and purchase the wool.

Also, the slipper socks I wrote about in my last post are literally coming together, my plan for this afternoon is to get them finished.

Now, going back to Friday. I don't know why but I had this urge to make a meat pudding, I haven't made or eaten one for years. So yesterday I gave it a go.


after several hours, became this

and unbelievably turned out onto the plate


The only problem was there were only two of us to eat it!
Lots of left overs, hope the birds are hungry!!

Thursday, 12 January 2012


The only problem with knitting in my mind is that eventually at some time during the project I have to turn this -

into this!

Today, I have reached that stage, well for one of them from the pair.
I could go on merrily knitting the second of the upper legs but then I'll have both boots to sew.
Trauma of traumas that would be!

You may have already guessed that I don't like sewing. I think it's because however much I try, I can't seem to do it very well.
So, rather than sit with a cup of tea,  make the most of the last of the daylight and at least pin the pieces together, here I am keeping up to date with my blog instead.

On a more positive note my sky scarf is coming on very well. At least no sewing involved with that!
I'll post a photo nearer the end of the month.

Another day tomorrow!

Wednesday, 4 January 2012


What a difference in the weather on Bank Holiday Monday!
Maybe it felt a little on the chilly side but with a clear blue bright sky it was an ideal day to get out walking again.

We decided to stay nearer to home, so along with many others took ourselves up into Maldon to the promenade which is a  lovely park on the banks of the river Blackwater.

This statue is of Byrhtnoth who stands looking out over the river right at the very end of the promenade, he is there to commemorate the Battle of Maldon and a very nice chap he looks too!

Now life is getting back to normal after the christmas holidays I have decided to take on a new knitting challenge. Having read Tizduster's blog I will be joining her in knitting a sky scarf. I have just ordered my wool, hopefully it will arrive in a day or two and then I can begin. I've made notes on the colour of the sky up to now since Sunday so i'll be able to catch up and get going asap.
I'll also keep you updated with my progress!