Saturday, 25 April 2015


There is blossom on our cherry tree which we planted against our garage wall last autumn. We're hoping to train it into a fan shape as time goes on. This is the small area in the garden where we have grown vegetables in the past, mainly being courgettes and runner beans. We had decided against growing any this year but we found a packet of courgette seeds in the garage and Michael thought it a shame if we didn't give them a go so they've been sown into pots and are currently in the greenhouse.
If we get a couple of good plants from these we'll have them in pots on the patio through the summer and hopefully we'll eventually have some nice homegrown courgettes.

Last Sunday afternoon we went for a long walk along the seawall and Michael took his new camera along. We found plenty of blossom in the hedgerows too!

And I finished the rag doll for our grand daughter Jessica this week. Lots of names were bandied around, Rosie being one of them but Jessica finally decided that she would be called Blossom.

Hasn't Blossom got huge, bold eyes?

In the book where I got the pattern from there was also a boy doll and when Jessica first saw the book she only wanted the girl . However now she has her she has told me she can't wait for Blossom to have her friend so good old Granny has got another one to make.

I hope you all have an enjoyable weekend and wherever you are you find some sunshine!

Wednesday, 15 April 2015


This was supposed to be a "quick" update today. I'd uploaded my photos via the desk top earlier (for some reason I'm never that successful doing that on the iPad) and then planned to write my post sitting in the garden with my morning coffee. Unfortunately the person responsible for my broadband had most probably had the same idea and headed off into the sunshine leaving my broadband to flounder as it has been intermittent for the last hour or two.
However now that is working and I'm sitting under my gazebo with my iPad enjoying the most glorious hot sunny day I will get cracking with my post.

It all started with one ball of Debbie Bliss cash merino in brown that I found in my stash and this pattern. I only needed one more ball of a contrasting colour and I could knit this little cardigan for baby Alfred. Off I went to my local shop in the town to find that they have stopped selling Debbie Bliss yarn but fortunately they had a couple of balls left over, in these two shades of green. This has resulted in my one ball of brown returning to my stash for another day.

The pattern in the book is shown for a little girl but I will be swapping over the button edge and I want to crochet his initials in the contrasting colour to stitch on the front. I think that'll look good.

I'm also nearing completition this cushion for Kate which will match her pouffe. Like the pouffe this is also knitted in Drops Polaris but unfortunately I have run out of yarn,  needing two more balls. I've been trying to get the same dye lot but to no avail so I've taken a chance, ordered from a different dye lot and hope when it's knitted up it'll be ok. 

Enjoy your day, I'm going to spend the rest of mine, quickly finishing the ironing and then heading back outside with some stitching, I need to create the face for Jessica's doll that I am making. If all goes well you may see a picture of that very soon.

Monday, 6 April 2015


I hope however you have spent your Easter you have had an enjoyable time. 

We were able to spend a lovely day on Friday with our family, quite a lot of time in the garden and yesterday we had a very long walk along the coastal path by Felixstowe ferry.

The tide was in as we set off and the sun had just broken through the cloudy skies.
We saw lots of very much loved boats, all shapes and sizes

and some that others had fallen out of love with.

As we walked along the well trodden and used path we had beautiful views of the river Deben on one side

and plenty of green open fields on the other.

We did walk quite a way but no where near the 14 miles or so we would have had to have done to reach Woodbridge. With our tummies beginning to rumble we headed back to the Ferry cafe and sat outside eating fish and chips.

At the start of our walk I noticed this abandoned windsurfer and questioned why it had been left attached to this buoy.
However on our return it was quite obvious why it was there.
As the sun shone down it became a resting place for seagulls wishing to do a spot of sunbathing!

We really enjoyed our day out and will definitely go back to walk a little further along that path. There's a lovely little village called Waldringfield en route to Woodbridge and a nice pub down by the river to have lunch.
That's another day planned in the calendar!