Thursday, 24 September 2015


The view from my back door yesterday morning was so colourful. Because we've had so much rain recently, the grass has taken on such a gorgeous deep green colour and the plants have gone mad and had a growth spurt.

By blog has taken a back step since the end of August for an assortment of reasons, some I feel I can write about and others that I'm having some difficulty to even understand let alone write about.

It is so difficult to help parents who at 90+ are so independent. Even though they do need an element of help they are adamant they don't need it.
The other weekend, we had a phone call from my dad to say that my mum had been taken to a&e by ambulance during the night. After the paramedics and mum had left him, dad went back to bed and back to sleep, waking at 9.15am. It was only then that he decided to ring me as he had neither any idea of mum's condition nor even 100% certainty of where she was.
After a few minutes of phone calls, we'd located mum and sent our daughter off to their house to check her grandad was ok. My dad would never admit to it but we know he was shocked to find my mum wasn't their beside him when he woke up.
We headed off to Broomfield Hospital to find my mum who thankfully having had a thorough check up had been discharged with a course of antibiotics for a water infection. She was sitting there, waiting for an ambulance to take her home (the nurse had explained to her that there would be a long wait) because she had no one who they could call to go and collect her.
Yet here we are, we live just 20 minutes from mum and dad and about 30 mins from the hospital, what can you do?
Their neighbours on both sides were equally as frustrated when they heard. 
We are so lucky that they can do lots for themselves but sometimes...............!

When we left them, that day they both looked tired and in need of some rest. They both said they would have a lazy day and for lunch they would cook the lasagne I'd made for them, a couple of days previously.
The very same lasagne that my mum had taken under protest and had told me that I wasn't to make for them anymore because they didn't need them.
I rest my case!

September has brought another change to my week days. Kate has returned to work and I'm going to be looking after baby Alfred on Mondays and Wednesdays, I already have Jack on a Monday so it's 
going to be a busy day but now we've done a couple of weeks, I'm more organised and beginning to plan things that we can do when they're here.

I'm looking forward to Yarndale this weekend and I thought as I'm bound to be buying more yarn (oh yes!) I really should make some space and knit up some that I bought last year. 

I bought this as a kit

and I'm very happy how it has knitted up and how it looks.

It was a lovely sunny day here yesterday, so I was able to wash it and lay it outside.
Me and washing wool, don't usually go well together but now dried it still looks the same size and shape.
All ready for my weekend!