Monday, 25 June 2012


I am really pleased with both of these waistcoats, now finished. I crochetered the little ties and was amazed how quickly crochet came back to me. Charlotte & Jessica have their birthdays soon so I think I'll give them to them then.

I took this picture yesterday as it rained - again! The new garden furniture has hardly seen the light of day since it arrived. Tomorrow, I'm collecting the base for the new umbrella which is hidden in the garage - just to keep it dry!

On a brighter note last Sunday Michael and I went out for a cycle ride along the seawall to test out our new tyres, new comfy seats and in Michael's case, new pedals. Our son in law in waiting does seem to have the ability of snapping at least one of these off when he's borrowed the bike in the past.
Pleased to report all working well, no having to stop on the way home due to  excessive pain in the posterior.
The tide was out, so the muddy shores were at their best. I believe this wreck to be the motor torpedo boat Platonia and we've watched it slowly deteriorate over the last 14 years since we've lived in the area. In the early days I did wonder if someone would try to restore it but alas no.
Hoping to get out and cycle quite a lot from now on, now we're better prepared, I'm quite keen.
Watch this space!!

Monday, 11 June 2012


My husband has really put some hours into restoring his boat recently. If you have read any of my past posts you will know that this project/hobby of his has been ongoing for quite a while now.
It was about 4 years ago that we towed this back on a trailer from Caister having bought it from the Caister sea scouts. Then, it was in a very sorry state.
Michael has been working on it ever since. Unfortunately no progress was made last summer due to Michael snapping his achilles tendon but this year it is definitely coming together.
The boat originates from Eversons at Woodbridge and was built in 1943, there were just 29 built and this one in our garage is No 2.
They have been very helpful with advice and information and though not finished, the boat is looking really good.

Michael loves finding out about the boats he works on as well as putting them back together. He has even joined the Classic and Vintage Racing Dinghy Association. If anyone has any information about this boat, he would love to hear from you.

After hours and hours and hours of work can we dare to plan when it will actually go in the water.

Will the garage ever get to be used as a garage?
Probably not!
When this is finished some new project will come a long and I know that it will involve a boat plan and some wood.

Sunday, 10 June 2012


Our family was away on holiday last weekend, so we felt quite, "home alone!"
Even though we live alone anyway, it was strange not getting the odd phone call or having one of them or all of them dropping by. Despite the most dreadful weather, we still managed to enjoy the jubilee weekend. 


Whilst watching some of the royal festivities on the tv I completed knitting Jessica's waistcoat and nearly finished Charlotte's. Once they're done, I've just got to crochet the ties for both of them.

The yarn for the waistcoats and the new yarn here was purchased from Yarn Therapy in Chelmsford, discovered by Diane. I bought this yarn to crochet some granny squares, I also treated myself to a new crochet hook as well. Haven't started yet but will be very very soon!

I managed to dash out in the garden for a short time to prop up my drooping plants. Drooping not because of lack of water but because they'd been battered by it along with the help of gusting winds. I took the picture of this clematis because I didn't think it would last. Amazingly it did and has, still looking stunning today.

We spent a lovely evening with Miriam and Dave. Miriam cooked korean lamb on the bbq, which was really nice and for dessert I rolled out yet another chocolate swiss roll with raspberries.

And we also managed, when the weather did try to brighten up, to take an evening stroll along the seawall to Mill Beach.

A very relaxing weekend!