Sunday, 27 February 2011


I was so impressed with the swiss roll that Charlotte made on Wednesday, that I decided to try and have a go myself and made this chocolate one, filled with creme fraiche and strawberries.

I have all my family coming later for dinner and despite my protests of wanting to cook something simple that wouldn't take all day to prepare, I found myself baking earlier and now I'm in the throws of cooking a roast.

I also made these little lemon curd (tiptree jam) tarts but unfortunately most of the curd oozed out over the bottom of the oven but I'm hoping that with a dollop of cream they'll still taste lemony.
Referring back to my blog at the beginning of January re: the Sirdar yo yo jacket.
I'm now beginning to panic. The jacket is really growing. I'm on the second sleeve but the amount of wool left is rapidly decreasing and I may actually end up with this sleeve much shorter than the first. I have all my fingers crossed as the wool is discontinued and therefore it may be difficult to buy some more.
Will let you know later this week how I'm progressing.

Wednesday, 23 February 2011


Usually my Wednesday's are spent looking after my grandchildren while their mum goes to work and I was especially looking forward to today. Now that Charlotte is at school I only spend a small part of the day with her, so as it's half term I planned to take both Charlotte & Jessica on a special treat. Swimming this morning and then lunch either at the country club or Tiptree jam restaurant.
However, when they arrived this morning, both of them looked tired and under the weather. They laid on the settee for quite some time either watching the tv or looking through the window at the rain. Swimming was definitely out of the question and as both had no appetite, the lunchtime treat, followed suit.
Eventually Charlotte felt a little better and amused herself on the computer. She coloured in this butterfly and printed it herself.

and then she printed these for Jessica to colour.

After a lunch of baked beans on toast which to my suprise both of them eat, Jessica had a sleep for a couple of hours and between us Charlotte and I made this pompom out of some left over sock wool.

Then we tried some baking, a whisked sponge. I think the last time I made one of these I was about 12years old. I remember the time quite well because it didn't turn out quite right!!

Fortunately today, it did!

Charlotte and Jessica were able to take the swiss roll home for tea. Meanwhile I'm now off to the kitchen to clear up our mess. Today, was great after all!

Saturday, 12 February 2011


I couldn't wait to get up this morning, I'd been planning this day throughout the week and regardless of whatever weather system was going to loiter over my garden, I was determined to be out, working in it.
Michael had bought me a little green house for my birthday and putting it together was the first job on his list. As it turned out, it was the only job completed from his list, it was one of those things that looked easy enough to do but ended up taking all day.

While he got on with that, I turned my attention to clearing out my shed and sorting out and moving various pots of different shapes and sizes.

One of the camellia's is already in flower and the other does seem to have quite a few buds. I don't think either of them flowered very well last year, so it looks promising.

It was lovely to be outside, quite bright and mild. To be honest, you could easily forget that it was still February. I thought, that due to the very bad weather before Christmas I would loose quite a few plants in the garden but I was surprised today to see virtually everything on the move. Only the cordyline didn't survive, I touched it and it just fell apart - rotten right through!

Finally as the daylight disappeared, Michael was able to finish the green house and put it in place. It may be empty now, but I don't think it will be too long before I fill it up!

Monday, 7 February 2011


Michael and I spent the weekend in London.
On Friday evening we went to Claridges and eat in Gordon Ramsey's restaurant. We had a great time and really enjoyed the food and the experience, fine dining at its best!
On Saturday morning we walked through Green Park into St James Park and came across this charming fellow.

I asked Michael if he thought pelicans would hiss if you got too close, like geese do. He wasn't sure but miraculously the gathered crowd stepped back so I could take this picture.
The squirrels on this tree were also in a playful mood.

We went on to visit the Foundling museum - in Bloomsbury and saw the exhibition, Threads of Feeling. It was very interesting but it also made me feel quite sad and shocked. So many babies and small children were left there by their mother's all those years ago because they had no money and couldn't care for them themselves.
Children of today don't know how lucky they are!
Whoops, I'm sounding like my mother again!
Yesterday took us down the river Thames to Greenwich. There, we had a look around the maritime museum and then got blown up Blackheath to the observatory. It certainly was a windy day.
We had a good weekend, although we walked our socks off and most definitely eat too much food. We were very glad that my cousin Miriam pointed us in the direction of the Foundling museum, as it was previously unknown to us. From now on each time we are in London we will try and discover something new to visit.

Thursday, 3 February 2011


Here are some birthday cards from yesterday which I really feel depict my true persona!

A lovely Granny!

who enjoys the odd gin & tonic!

A woman that likes to chatter and

show her patriotic side! (or rear in this case!)

Is medium mature, a little wise but not that sensible!

and occasionally can be seen wearing odd socks.
That's ME!