Sunday, 27 October 2013


Over the last few days we have received some exciting news. Our daughter in law who had been told that it was unlikely that she could have any more children found out that she is 5 months pregnant and on Tuesday during her scan all was revealed that she is expecting a baby boy. All a bit of a whirlwind but we are absolutely thrilled that in the New Year around about the 25th February we will have a little grandson.
As you can imagine, I am itching to seek patterns, buy yarn and get going with a wardrobe for him BUT I'm holding myself back so that I can finish this little jacket for Kate's friend's imminent baby.
I've just got to sew in the sleeves, knit the collar and sew on the buttons. I'm also knitting the socks from the same pattern (Drop's Harlequin) in the shade of purple. 
It actually looks better for real, my photo skills never seem to capture things in their best light!

I've also this week been baking cakes for christmas, though why shops have to adorn their windows with christmas trees, twinkling lights, snow and santa before we've even had halloween is, as the saying goes, "beyond me!'

These cakes will be wrapped up and stored, not seeing the light of day until at least the middle of December when I'll remember frantically that they need marzipan, icing and some decoration by the 25th.

My grand daughters will be dropping by, hopefully tomorrow (storm permitting!) to mix their christmas cake which they like to decorate themselves every year.  Next year, they'll be 3 of them cooking in my kitchen, what fun!

The approaching storm is certainly a concern. My husband seems to think it won't be as severe as the weather people predict though he is currently clearing out the garage to make room for my little car just incase.

Kate and her husbands family are on holiday in Cornwall and at this moment in time standing at Land's End on storm watch. She called me to say that it was already very windy down there.
Fingers crossed, the storm will pass safely and any destruction and traffic chaos will be minimal.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Saturday, 12 October 2013


So my little knitting production line has continued this week.
First and only completed item to be rolled out is another pair of fingerless mittens.

Ive also managed to get under way with a baby jacket pattern by Drops which had me stumped at first (like their patterns always seem to!) and I'm using Drops Alpaca yarn. I have made good progress over the last couple of days and it is coming along quite nicely, I think. One of the sleeves will be knitted in purple and the other, well I'm not quite sure yet, might be in cream, might even be in green. 
 I'm knitting this for one of Kate's friends who's baby is due at the end of the year.

My post is short this week, but I do have one wise cooking tip before I leave you.
When straining noodles, do always remember to use a colander, especially when you haven't any more that you can cook in the cupboard.
Whoosh went the noodles down the sink, leaving a tasty yet lonely piece of salmon languishing on the dinner plate!
My poor husband who was standing agog at my error was warned not to say one word!