Sunday, 26 February 2012


We mustn't get too excited, we all know that Spring isn't really here, but the weather this past week has been verging on "springlike" and it's been nice to knit some brightness into my sky scarf. 

It is coming a long nicely, although it is rather wide and it is going to end up somewhat lengthly. Oh dear!

My socks are finished and as always, I am pleased. Not just because they're now ready to wear but because they've turned out to be equal in size. Now I need some colder weather to wear them, so they may have to wait patiently in the drawer until next winter.

On Thursday evening my friend and I went to the private view of  The Material Girls "Bridging Waters" Textile Exhibition. Both Miriam and Diane were exhibiting their work and over the past weeks having heard snippets of what they were intending to make, it was exciting to see their completed projects. Their work was excellent as was the entire exhibition. Beautiful wall hangings, colourful barges, all made from textiles were just some of the items that could be admired. I hope the exhibition is a great success for them all.

Saturday sunshine brought out the gardening boots, gloves and tools. Not for digging in our garden, but Jo and Robert have many plans for theirs. Michael and Robert worked hard all day moving earth and rubble. My task was cutting back and digging out unwanted bushes and moving those that hopefully are going to stay in the new flower beds.
At last I was also able to transport Charlotte's magnolia tree from the pot in my garden where it has been residing for the past year, since their house move, to it's new home. (We bought the tree for Charlotte when she was born so it's now 5 years old)

Finally the week ahead is going to be the week that my kitchen gets back to normal since the kitchen fitter  failed to do his plumbing job properly when he installed the kitchen back in July, causing the leak from the soil pipe which wrecked two kitchen cupboards, some plastering and all of the flooring.
On Monday, I have two new cupboards being installed. On Tuesday after all the appliances have been taken out and put in storage, the flooring is going to be laid over two days. Then on Friday all of the appliances will be returned and reinstalled.
The fact that we can't refrigerate anything or cook anything during that period is just a minor blip BUT to get the kitchen finished is going to be heaven!

Tuesday, 14 February 2012


Due to the cold, snowy and icy weather conditions last week, if nothing else, I did manage to crack on with my knitting.
These socks are coming on a treat

and i've already knitted 4 squares out of the 49 needed to make my blanket.

But by Sunday evening, I felt that if my pace of life became any slower I would actually come to a dead halt! When I went to bed I made my mind up that I would somehow get myself motivated and have a much more active Monday.
So, after an early morning swim, I threw myself into dusting, hoovering and washing. The several pairs of shoes and boots which only normally see the light of day when there are severe weather conditions were tidied away and I gave the fire and hearth a thorough clean.
To my amazement I still had time left in the afternoon to make spaghetti bolognese for dinner and make these blueberry muffins.

Today, driving home from my swim and still motivated I decided that I'd clean the car after my breakfast. Then I remembered that on Saturday the outside tap seized up. Fortunately I remembered that before I'd got the car covered in soap suds!
So a little later this morning, I'm off to have the car cleaned while I do some shopping in the supermarket. 77 belle has been making some lovely Granola and I want to pick up the ingredients and have a try.

Sunday, 5 February 2012


Before I could settle in front of the fire for an afternoon of knitting, Michael and I couldn't resist a walk to take some pictures of the river Blackwater and the canal.


We looked out at midnight and saw this -

At and 9am -

If I was a soufflé maker I would be thrilled if they turned out looking like this!

I love the snow when it is fresh, crisp and picturesque!

Knitting is the order of the day, I think!