Saturday, 15 October 2011


When my iphone crashed late on Tuesday evening, my first thought was OMG!
To be honest it didn't just crash, it literally crashed. Out of my dressing gown pocket it slid, like a slippery eel down into the u bend of my toilet!
I wouldn't have minded if I had been checking my emails at the time or sending a quick txt or even racking my brain trying to finish a suduko puzzle but I'd just popped it in to my pocket to transport it upstairs.
At the very moment of impact my face probably would have said it all. I can't remember actually speaking any words but I must have done because from the bedroom all I could hear was Michael saying,
'It won't work now, it won't work now, it won't work now.............!"
I was well aware of that!
So Wednesday came and as it's my day for looking after Charlotte & Jessica, I was thrown into a dilemma. If I left the house how would I contact the AA man if the car broke down and even worse how would the school be able to contact me if Charlotte wasn't feeling well!
 Did I have these worries when my own children were small?
I bet we can all answer that one - NO!
By Friday I was definitely more laid back. As I left home in the car to go into town to do some shopping there was no call from my daughter saying,
"Mum, where are you?
Are you going into town?
Oh good, can you just get me.............?"
Neither, when I was enjoying a cup of coffee and a natter with a friend was there another call, this time my husband saying,
"Are you at home?"
"Oh, I thought you might be, it's just that I needed you to look up.................!"

I have to say  by Friday, it was bliss so, why when I got home from town to find my new phone awaiting me, was I like a kid in a chocolate shop?
I've a fully functioning new iphone today and although I enjoyed my few days of freedom I must confess,  the mobile phone is a gadget that I rather like to possess!

Sunday, 9 October 2011


I picked these flowers just in time from my garden on Friday. Having dragged the last few bits of  washing off the line I popped back out with my kitchen scissors to collect them. The gusty wind that suddenly blew up from nowhere wasn't unexpected but the thunder, lightening and torrential rain that accompanied it, certainly was.
This little collection of flowers are still looking bright and cheerful on my fire place.

As the gorgeous weather from last weekend has diminished and we're now in the throes of Autumn, I've picked up my knitting needles with fresh enthusiasm this past week.
I'm half way through knitting the other fingerless mitten and couldn't wait to start these striped leg warmers for Charlotte. Hopefully I'm going to make a smaller pair for Jessica and they'll both get a matching pair of, yes you've probably guessed it,  fingerless mittens.

Sunday, 2 October 2011


There I was only a few days ago knitting fingerless mittens, hats and scarves for Charlotte & Jessica, considering whether to dust off my Ugg boots ready for the first snap of a colder climate, when, to my surprise flying around the corner came, not just a hint but a fall blown blast of summer. 

So here we are on the first Sunday of October stretching our legs for a lovely walk along the beach at East Mersea.
The beach was full of fun!
Lots of people like us enjoying the warm sunshine. Some swimming in the sea, others having a bbq lunch. Quite a few were just chilling out with a book whilst many others like us, sauntered slowly along the sands.

There has been quite a lot of erosion affecting this part of the coast line.

This tree has certainly reached its final resting place.

When I'm actually looking for a nice piece of weathered bark for my garden I can never find any.
Well, there was an abundance of it today!

(Really pleased that my pictures no longer have a green tinge around the edge, which has been somewhat of a problem in recent months.
My daughter in law solved the problem and then I removed the "green" cover from my iphone.
What am I like!!!!)