Sunday, 29 April 2012


Well. it is certainly growing!

I've used so much grey and dark denim yarn recently that I may need to order some more soon. It wasn't until I took on this challenge that I realised how much the sky changes in any one day. I do try and make a note of the sky around lunchtime and that is what I try to knit.
The thicker wad of blue is to remind me of my holiday before Easter in France - wonderful!
I don't think I even need to look out of the window today to find out what the sky is like right now - grey and denim will suit fine.
All day yesterday and all day today so far it has been raining. Yesterday I donned my gardening clothes and went outside to put in some new plants which I bought on Friday while wandering around the garden centre, again it was raining. After I'd finished I thought I would even go round the lawn with the edging shears ready to mow the lawn today - what a joke that is, there's no chance of that happening!!

When I finally headed back indoors yesterday I baked these little raspberry muffins which I intended to warm up again later to have with some raspberry ripple ice-cream for dessert when Jo, Rob and the children came to dinner. Having made a lovely chicken curry I was really cross with myself that I allowed the rice to erupt all over the cooker. I had tried to simmer it on the wok burner but it wasn't the ideal thing to do as I realised far too late. Hence having to rescue the rice and clear up the mess I completely forgot to warm the muffins. I did still serve them up for dessert and they did taste ok but I think they could have been a lot better.

This afternoon I think I'll take root on the sofa, perhaps get my head round watching my 4th episode of The Bridge and get some knitting done.

Saturday, 21 April 2012


This weekend I was supposed to be showing you a picture of a lovely blue shrug that I've knitted for Charlotte. She loved it and was very eager to wear it to her first disco/birthday party on Friday. It wasn't until she left here wearing it that I remembered I hadn't got round to taking the photo.
I bought the yarn for the shrug from yarn therapy in Chelmsford, it having been recommended by Diane.
This place has some amazing yarns and I've already been back in there during the week to buy wool to knit both Charlotte & Jessica waistcoats. When these are finished I must definitely make sure I take photos.
Meanwhile I've now knitted 15 of the 49 squares for my blanket and very pleased that so far I've managed to stitch them together as I complete each one.

So no knitting projects, instead, I've popped in a picture that I've taken today of an azalea in my garden. It is full of bloom and I'm really pleased, last year it didn't have one single flower. 

Jessica's swimming lesson that I mentioned in my last post went well. Having once been a swimming teacher I know that it isn't the timid child, the crying child or indeed the boisterous child that's the challenge for the teacher but those who accompany them i.e. the grown up, who can sometimes be the nightmare!
Bearing that in mind Mummy, Charlotte, Nanny and Granny were all there in full force to support Jessica.
She, being the tiniest in the group could only be seen by the teacher when she was standing in the water at the pool's edge, waiting her turn. But every time we saw her little arm spring up with her thumbs up sign, we cheered and sung in unison, "well done, Jessica!"
As I said, teacher's nightmare!
But a good result, the teacher was pleased with her and she can start lessons as soon as a space becomes available.

 Today I've been doing some jobs in the garden, though the sun has struggled to shine, the rain has for the most part, managed to stay up in the clouds. I've also planted up 5 little chilli plants that started off growing in a tin which was our christmas gift from Rachel. (This is really remiss of me today, again, no photos!)
Once the plants get going I will post some pictures.

Hope everyone has a good weekend.

Tuesday, 17 April 2012


My daughter in law's hours and days have just changed at work. Now she'll be able to collect Charlotte from school every day and I will only have to look after Jessica on a Tuesday until about 2ish. It's going to be strange not seeing them both on a Wednesday. Swimming, baking, pom pom making and drawing were just some of things we got up to in those couple of hours before Jo came to collect them.

Poor Michael did have words to offer when I told him about the impending change but his "well, at least you've had nearly 6 years!!!!" didn't actually hit the right bar of the comfort stakes in my opinion.
After all, I'm the mother who cried when her daughter announced she wasn't coming on holiday with us anymore and I cried even more, great big bucket loads when my son left home - the first time. Don't worry I was much better the next time he went!

 It was nice to spend time this morning with Jessica. She's not quite 3 but with my guidance, (I thought it best, I didn't want cake mix shooting up all over my newly painted walls) I let her loose with the electric cake whisk and she made these lovely little cakes to take home to share with Charlotte when she gets home from school.

Tomorrow afternoon, I will catch up with Charlotte after all as we're going to go and watch Jessica have her first swimming lesson.
When I asked her about it today she said, "it's not just wimming Granny,  it's a esson and I'm doing it on my oooown!"
She's a very confident little girl where wimmimg, sorry I mean swimming is concerned so I asked her if she was going to show the teacher that she could swim under the water with the fishes.
"Yeh" she said, "with my doddles on!"
Oh bless!

Friday, 6 April 2012


Sorry, I've been a little behind keeping my blog up to date. I'm in the scenario where I've plenty to say but not enough time to say it, or should I say write it!
We've been back home a week since we returned from our holiday, seven days in Villefranche sue Mer  in the south of France. Unusually for us we stayed in exactly the same place as we did last September when Michael was recovering from his snapped Achilles tendon injury. 
 This time we were able to get out and see much more of the area, by car and also a lot by foot.

This picture is of Port Darse which is in Villefranche, quite a steep but pleasant walk down from our hotel. In September I wasn't always in the mood for negoitiating driving round the narrow streets that wove up and down through the town wary of the hoots and toots from the local people buzzing around on scooters so we relied heavily on buses and taxis to get us about.
This time it was lovely just to be able to take it in our stride and we thorough enjoyed our walks.

One of the reasons we returned to this area is because we wanted to take the the little train that runs up through the mountains from Nice to Dignes les Bains. We had first noticed this when I drove from Annecy to Nice last year, the track runs partly alongside the road and the river and we guessed that the views would be fantastic. As indeed we found they were!

We decided not to travel all the way to Dignes but to spend a few hours in Entrevaux, a medieval town. Lots of little alleyways to explore, if you do decide to visit, don't go on a Tuesday, some shops and bars are closed, as we found!!!

However after a delicious lunch we decided that we couldn't leave, not that we could have done anyway, we had a 2 hour wait for the train, before walking up to get a closer look at the citadel.

So off we went up there!!

Fairly hard going up and I felt it was harder to come down to be honest but, once up there the views were amazing.
We had a great time that day and throughout the holiday. It was a good choice for us.

Now what do you think of this little old lady?

We spied her in a shop in St Paul de Vence, Michael just had to take a picture of her with me sitting beside her. He thought her to be so amusing, "the knitting granny" that in his haste he pushed the wrong button on the camera and didn't take any picture at all!
So I took this picture with my iPhone to show you, I mean honestly, do I really look like this??

Enough of my holiday, I have another knitting project on the go which I will tell you about in my next post.  My garden and the sunshine is beckoning me now, so hope you all have a wonder Easter!