Sunday, 21 October 2012


What a challenge for a bleak Sunday afternoon in October. I'm trying to piece together and pin  in another panel of my blanket.
As you can probably tell, I've already walked away to have a think, that's why I'm sitting here tapping away on this post.
Hopefully, I'll go back and everything will seem clearer and not such a muddle.                                          

On a positive note this is the first time since I have been writing my blog that I've managed to place a photo on the left and write by the side of it. Even though I still have no idea how I've managed it, I'm pleased with myself. 

I have at long last found my mother of the bride outfit for Kate's wedding. In the end  I've actually ended up buying it online. I am a person who likes to support small independent shops but after countless visits to different shops and towns, it just became so frustrating to find clothes that I liked but couldn't try in my size and those that were in my size, not really what I was looking for.
Ordering online was so easy. I ordered on Thursday, the parcel arrived on Friday, I tried on everything I ordered yesterday and will be sending back what I don't want on Monday. How simple is that?

I've just popped back down to the kitchen and unfortunately the blanket hasn't miraculously sewn itself together so I'm going to have to leave my blog posting for another day and give my blanket the attention it deserves. Apart from that as it's such a dismal day I've probably only got a couple of daylight hours left.

Sunday, 7 October 2012


As I mentioned in my last post, on Wednesday I had my first real look at outfits for "Mother of the Bride".
"I've got plenty of time", I said to the assistant in the shop.
"When's the wedding?" she asked.
"Not 'till 22nd December!" I exclaimed quite confidently.
She sighed, "that is NOT a lot of time."
I still beg to differ, I have to - I haven't found anything yet!

Anyway, first day, first shop and I chose a variety of beautiful and stunning outfits that I wanted to try, to try on. I felt I was being quite open minded and didn't want to judge anything until I'd tried it!
Standing in the tiny cubicle, my friend was ensconced outside ready to give moral support and guidance.
Remember that I said before that I wanted to try to try on. I therefore now ask the question, who do they actually make these dresses for?
I tried on a great deal but nothing wooed me and then on my last and final attempt I tried on a dress and jacket that not only came with inbuilt breast enhancers but an horrendous price tag that would undoubtedly send my husband teetering right over the edge!

" How are you getting on?" the shop assistant asked.
" I'm not very keen on this one" I replied from within the dress. At that very moment, stalemate! The dress wouldn't go on, nor would it come off. How could I tell the shop assistant that! My face was completely cocooned by the breast enhancers and it felt that the cubicle was getting smaller and warmer.
I breathed in and breathed in and breathed in and then o.m.g. I prayed. My luck was fortunately in, I managed to get it off without  it tearing into two parts. 
I exited the cubicle with an air of utter relief. Next stop on my list, the coffee shop!

I'm not giving up, well let's face it, I can't give up. Next Wednesday, we have another couple of dress shops on our list to  benefit from the pleasure of our company. Same time, but a different town!

Talking of the wedding, the four little dolls are coming along well. All the parts are knitted up now, just stuffing, sewing together, faces and hair to do. We've asked the dressmaker who's making the little bridesmaids dresses to make the dresses for the dolls. I think they'll look really good when the'yre finished, as long as I get the faces right!

We have had such a lovely weekend here, the weather has been perfect. Yesterday my husband and son took the new boat down to the river to see how it performed. Hard work they both said, but they hope with practice it will keep them fit.
It certainly looked very good in the water.
I love the next photo, paricularly the sky with the clouds and the reflection on the water. Michael is out there rowing, right in the middle of the picture.
(He's worried, unless I tell you he's there, you won't notice him.)

Wednesday, 3 October 2012


So now we're entering the month of October and the sky scarf continues to grow. The month of January is hanging over the back of the door, September is down towards my knitting basket. It certainly shows we've had a lot of grey days!

The wretched cold that I mentioned in my last post is rather like a boomerang. Three days I was completely clear of it and then back it came for the weekend. My poor mother is suffering with it  as well and exactly the same, some days much better and others not so good. Consequently today is one of the days where I've woken up full of snuffles and a head that feels like it contains cotton wool and not much else. This is not ideal when you're planning a shopping trip this afternoon to look for an outfit for Kate's wedding!

Some good news, Michael's new rowing boat arrived on Monday, all looking good. We're just hoping for some decent weather this coming weekend so he can give it a trail run.  This is definitely a single seater affair so I've no need to worry about getting my feet wet. I can just watch from the sea wall, take pictures and wave!