Wednesday, 22 December 2010


This is probably going to be my last blog before christmas so Happy Christmas everyone. Charlotte has been here this afternoon and helped me to decorate the cakes.

The pink one is Charlotte's. She made this all herself.

The one with the tipsy father christmas and the white footballs is Kate & Peters.

and the next one is ours. Charlotte & I tried to make a few leaves to go around the edge but I think a better description is that the poor snowman is standing on an icey pad with broken chards of ice floating around him.

I have to agree the frilly things we put around the cakes do look abit "60ish" but retro is fashionable in my book.
At last my amazon parcel has finally arrived today so I can wrap up the last few presents this evening.
2 days to go and I'm nearly ready.

Tuesday, 21 December 2010


Not so sure about this one. This is something either my grandma would have taught me to knit back in the 60's or a school project made at primary school.
I'm a tea bag in the cup kind of person, someone my mother would frown upon. I keep her in the lounge while I make the tea, it's better for the heart and soul if I don't reveal the secrets of my tea making.
Jo on the other hand has asked for a teapot for Christmas and a teapot she has got complete with this nice little tea cosy to keep the tea warm.
If she doesn't like it, I'll sew the sides right up and wear it as a hat - minus the ribbon!

Sunday, 19 December 2010


The things we do just to get those last Christmas presents and treats!

Michael, Kate & I went off to Cambridge yesterday, it didn't start snowing there until after 3ish. We were oblivous, enjoying a quick bite to eat at lunchtime when my Dad rung and said the weather at home had really deteriated.
It's amazing how much shopping you can do in just over an hour when you're up against a challenge.

We got back to the car just as the first few flakes hit in the ground in Cambridge. By the time we got on the A120 towards Braintree it was like this!!

Today, thankfully I have nearly all my shopping, so I'm going to spend my time in the warm, wrapped up and wrapping up.

Thursday, 16 December 2010


Charlotte came round after school yesterday and marzipaned her Christmas cake. With a little help from me, Granny, she made the cake a few weeks ago.

I showed her how to roll the marzipan out, rotating it to keep the circle shape and for her first effort she did quite well. Her Dad is disappointed that we didn't cover the whole of the cake but as Kate said later ,"If we're going to have put up with one of those 1960's frilly things round the edge then, that is what we're going to have to do."
I've made 2 other cakes, all the same recipe, one for us and one for Kate & Peter. They're all now at the same stage, marzipan on, decoration to follow.

Knitting is work in progress again, I've just got to complete the second side of a tea cosy that I'm making for Jo, my daughter in law. She's into the teapot craze, so I've bought her a plain teapot and i'm knitting it a colourful cosy.

Saturday, 11 December 2010


Pictures only today I'm afraid but I just wanted to show you my finished blanket. It's the largest piece I've ever knitted and it was fun to make.

Thursday, 2 December 2010


As I've had a request to see the snowman, here it is.
Not the best I know. I have no claim to being an artist, but at least it does have a nose even if its actual head is missing!

As you can see by the state of the weather today, the frozen carrot may be the one essential vegetable ingredient I may need for tonights feast!
I'm sure you can now understand why the photo of my snowman was absent from my blog yesterday.

Wednesday, 1 December 2010


Having knitted for a considerable time yesterday I did feel when I went to bed last night that that was the reason why I had a crick in my neck. I think the weight of the blanket on circular needles while I knitted the edging was a contributing factor to my pain and not the fact that I had watched at least 3 repeat episodes of Midsummer Murders, one after the other.

No knitting so far today as Charlotte had a snow day, therefore no school. While their mum went off to work I had both grandchildren round to play. Here are my little entrepid explorers in the garden searching for the ideal spot for the snowman.

We weren't outside too long, far to cold. We quickly made something resembling a snowman, pushed a carrot into the top for its nose, [now one carrot less in the casserole!] and headed back indoors.

Jessica slept and Charlotte made her first ever pom pom. She was very impressed as was I, what an excellent way to use up any Debbie Bliss wool leftovers. Apparently now that they've both gone home ,I have been told that the very same pom pom will be adorning their Christmas tree.
Later this evening after the one carrot casserole, I'm going to do some more knitting!!!!!