Sunday, 24 January 2010


This photo has been laying in an old shoe box in the back of the cupboard for sometime now and it's a shame that it has been damaged. When I got it out today, it did make me smile, the little boy and the St.Bernard, hardly any difference in height or stature.
I first met Roger in the '70's. On introduction he seemed a quiet man, a very large man but certainly not a man of many words. Prior to meeting, I was told by others, not to expect too much in the way of conversation. I found that strange, I come from a large extended family, who talk incessantly.
Over the years, I got used to his lack of words and he got used to my over active chatter. He was always around to lend anyone a helping hand and I was always around to help him.
Roger passed away yesterday, aged 62. This quiet, private man was taken from us by the ravages of cancer.
He was Michael's brother, Kate's god father, Robert's uncle and my friend.
We will all miss him but at least we now know he is suffering no more pain.
God bless!

Saturday, 16 January 2010


Have your jaws dropped in awe?

Well, hoist them up again, a slight exaggeration on my part.

We did spend some money at the London Boat Show but only enough for 2 orange juices, 2 bagels and 2 small coffees.

As you can see we really pushed the boat out today. [Sorry about my choice of wording!]

Kate gave Michael the tickets as a Christmas present and we did enjoy wandering around eyeing up the boats that were well out of our price range and the odd one's that were, the feasibility of getting in and out of them without falling overboard.

Thanks Kate for a really nice day.

Mmm Kate and her partner Peter, they're staying with us while they decorate their new house which is fine. Then on Thursday night when we should have all been sleeping peacefully there were screaks of alarm, we had a major incident to contend with. Kate had managed, don't ask me how, to smash a bottle of red wine all over the bed. It soaked right through the duvet and then on right through the mattress. It was pandemonium, my teeth were gritted together so hard, I thought I'd need a crowbar to prise them open. Still, no harm done I suppose and I was very pleased that my lively temper was kept well and truly under wraps.

I wonder what will happen next week?

Saturday, 9 January 2010


My daughter Kate is a teacher and she hasn't been to work since Wednesday due to the closure of her school because of the bad weather. So, yesterday morning we both braved the cold and went for a long walk. The snow was quite thick and pleasant to walk on. Not icey at all. The sun even came out and by the afternoon the snow was beginning to thaw.
This morning we woke up to an additional blanket of snow and this afternoon we have blizzard conditions. I took an excellent picture to show you but my little grand daughter Jessica is getting fed up playing on the floor on her own and is craving some attention. So, you will have to just imagine how awful the weather is here for the time being while I go off and sing the odd nursery rhyme or two.
Can you sing Frostie the Snowman in January?

Sunday, 3 January 2010


The lead up to Christmas and both Christmas & Boxing Days had been full of promise. With our family around us and two beautiful grand daughters to spoil, we should have been in our element!

Then, all of a sudden, like a cheap bottle of cava, our bubbles lost there fizz. Michael first, with a dreadful cold, cough and aches and pains. Then, me, yet again with my lousy Christmas cough and cold. Finally, Michael's brother who is really not well at all ended up in hospital so we spent quite alot of time backwards and forwards to Broomfield Hospital. Combine all of that lot, plus the horrible weather and well, what more is there to say?

Today we decided to treat ourselves to lunch at The Chequers Goldhanger and to build our appetite up we decided to walk there.
The tide was out when we left home about 10.15am. I was surprised by just how many people were out walking. Obviously everyone's new year resolution is "to get fit."
We walked passed the new log cabin style homes, close to Osea Road. I always joke that I would like to retire here, I would love the peace and quiet. Michael is not quite so keen, I think he thinks they'll be too chilly in the winter months and as they're quite close to the treatment works, pongy odour could be a problem on a windy day!
I wouldn't like to live on Osea Island, far too extreme for me. I couldn't cope with driving over that bumpy causeway and supposing you run out of milk!!!! Could be an issue.
The sun was shining as we walked into Goldhanger Creek. The boats were still imbedded on the mud, waiting for the tide.
We continued into Goldhanger along Fish Street,
reaching our destination The Chequers about midday.
We had a really nice lunch, a good bottle of wine and sat and made suggestions for holidays in 2010. I chose not to mention my plans for our decorating calendar, thought that might spoil the moment.
The tide was well and truly in when we set off on our walk home. It seemed slightly warmer too. The footpath which had been quite hard under foot earlier in the day was now wet and squashy.
I took this photo from the causeway looking over at Osea Island. As you can see, it's mostly under the water there's not alot of it to be seen.
As we approached Heybridge Basin the sun was setting.
Just the odd boat or two still moored in the river.
Along the sea wall passed the Blackwater sailing club.
Just before 4pm and we're nearly home. This is the view down the river towards Bradwell from the end of our road.

Happy New Year everyone.
I will strive to write more on my blog. I'm trying to knit socks for my January task. When I understand what I'm doing, I'll picture them and show you the results.