Saturday, 28 May 2011


On a Wednesday while my daughter in law goes to work I try to entertain my two little visitors. Quite often, when Charlotte comes out of school in the afternoon I take them swimming, but this week I thought it would be nice for them to come back here and bake a cake together. It's the first time I've let Jessica who's nearly 2 get that involved and she did very well. They both looked the part in their aprons, Charlotte's is the orange one, Jessica's the yellow. Jessica beat the eggs together with great gusto while Charlotte tackled the rest of the ingredients. After it was baked the cake unfortunately split, but I think that was due to the over zealous actions of my two little cooks whilst spreading the strawberry jam over the two sponges. However when it was sandwiched together with cream and strawberries in between and once they'd both doused it with a generous amount of icing sugar it looked good.
I understand it tasted very good too!
No, I didn't get to try it, they took it home to have after their tea!

The peonies are from my mum and dad's garden. You can just see the flowering plants out in the garden through the window but unfortunately these on the kitchen windowsill were blown down by the crazy wind that we've had this week. Peonies do not seem to like growing in my garden, in fact I've given up trying. Yet every year my mum gets such a wonderful display without fail. The large flower heads are stunning!

Saturday, 21 May 2011


I've certainly got myself in a "bit of a flap" this week.

It all started off on Monday when my flask of blackberry and nettle tea spilt in my bag and over my iphone. The phone gave out, so in desperation I popped it in the airing cupboard to dry out and it did! However, although the phone now works, the battery isn't doing as well as it could.
So, the moral of this story is - don't put your iphone in the airing cupboard to dry out and more importantly don't spill your drink over it in the first place!

Then came Tuesday. This was when I looked out into the garden and watched as the birds tugged at the linings of my hanging baskets and flew off with beaks full of the stuff for their nests.
I went outside to investigate further and to see if I could minimise the damage. Some, are worse than others but hopefully when the plants grow they will cover up the gaps. On looking at them I also realised that I had completely forgotten to plant any  fuchsias  in them. I  had been so pleased last weekend when I'd spent so little time in the nursery buying the plants. Obviously with no list to remind me either, things were forgotten. Thankfully Michael remedied the situation. He went back to the nursery yesterday and bought all of the fuchsias, so this afternoon my job is - rearranging the hanging baskets!!

On Thursday, I experienced a flap of a different kind. Why is it that when you are destined for a disaster it occurs somewhere where you wished it hadn't? and why at that very moment?
Funnily enough I can't say I was horrified, mortified or even embarrassed. 
There I was striding out of Tesco Express carrying my shopping back to the car when I felt this cold feeling on the back of my leg. On investigation I found that the leg of my trousers had split from the waistband, right down the back to just above my knee. The torn material was flapping around my leg so I threw the shopping in and I bundled myself back into the car in what I'd like to think was a split second (probably wasn't!). Then I just laughed!
Mind you if it had happened a few hours earlier I was invigilating a GCSE exam on my own, which could have been a little more tricky.

Anyway to finish my blog today, I thought I'd leave you with a photo of an azalea in my garden. It's looking absolutely beautiful today.

Sunday, 15 May 2011


Despite the fact that it's been a little chillier this weekend, we've managed to get jobs done in the garden and the garage. Those of you that read my blog this time last year will remember I had a difficult time  trying to get small plants through even smaller holes in the sides of my hanging baskets.
Today, I was much better organised and my plants were planted without a hitch!
Not all of the basket are for me, 2 are for my Mum, it's her birthday next weekend and 3 are for Kate.

The garage is still tidy, though Michael did manage to drop a piece of wood on his toes yesterday.
( I have been forbidden to put the photo of his toes on my blog. This I took, not because I have a fetish for mens' feet but because the bruising was so bad that I wanted to compare the photo with how the toes looked this morning. Thankfully another visit to A&E was not required, although they do look pretty gruesome!)

This afternoon, while I was planting, Michael suspended the boat in the garage to turn it over so he can work on the keel. It really now seems to be coming on at a pace, still not sure when it will be totally finished but I think it's looking good.

I'm now looking forward to a quiet evening and hopefully I'll put my feet up and get some knitting done. I'm still making the little teddy bear all in one suit but it now has 2 legs, all of the body and 1 sleeve completed. I'm getting there slowly!

Tuesday, 3 May 2011


Yet another holiday weekend, this one starting of in style with the beautiful wedding of Prince William & Kate Middleton. Glorious!
So why you may question have I added a very bizarre picture to highlight my weekend and not one of the royal couple. Well, this is our garage, actually the sign on the door says"Michael's Boat shed"
Generally, I only venture in there when I need to get my washing line out or get the odd bottle of wine.
This is Michael's domain. Whether things are hanging from the ceiling, the walls, hidden propped up behind something else or even left lying amongst the saw dust, he knows exactly where everything is. Or does he?
Kate exclaimed on Saturday that it was a right old mess and no wonder he'd fallen over in there and dislocated his little finger.The finger, on his left hand was actually pointing to the left. Nasty!
So, after enjoying such a lovely day on Friday, we spent 4hrs on Saturday at A&E.
At least he hadn't broken his arm which we first thought was a possibility.  

On Sunday despite being one handed Michael did this amazing job of clearing out the garage, while I did the garden, planting even more vegetables.
 How long it'll stay like it, I cannot say.

Monday was Kate's birthday and we'd booked a trip down the river to Osea Island and back for our family. It was so, so, windy! Thankfully the sun was shining for  most of the way, so it wasn't too cold but it was mighty difficult trying to eat our picnic that we'd taken with us.

We were on board the barge Hydrogen and it was great fun. The children loved it, especially Charlotte who was looking out for birds and whales through her binoculars. Even my mum and dad enjoyed it. 
Afterwards everyone came back here for tea and cake.
It was a really nice ending to our bank holiday weekend.