Saturday, 23 February 2013


Before I ramble on about the delights of my knitting antics this week, I feel I must tell you about this funny thing that happened yesterday.

As our central heating has been caput for a couple of days, yesterday we had a visit from British Gas. Once the boiler was fixed and while we waited for some warmth to return to our home three of us, that's Michael, myself and Sciatica went into town for lunch. Yes, after living with Sciatica for some weeks now, she does appear to like being attached to my side.
Anyway, moving on with the story. Michael and I, arm in arm slowly ambled along the high street but soon had to come to a halt as he decided he had to check something on his phone. As I was now standing solo  I took this opportunity to do some light leg stretching and toe twiddling.
Suddenly on my left I was distracted by a woman who brushed past me with a purpose to her stride wearing a thick coat, a big hat with flappy ears and swinging an enormous shopping bag.  To be honest I probably wouldn't have noticed her except that she was the rabbit that lured my husband off at a trot and before I could even make the decision of which of my feet I should move first, they had disappeared shoulder to shoulder down the high street.
Oh did I laugh, because I knew what was going to happen next!
Just as they passed WH Smith, the poor lady obviously realised that she needed to go in there, slammed on her breaks and turned to retrace her steps. This in turn brought Michael to an abrupt halt and he also turned in the opposite direction so now instead of shoulder to shoulder they were face to face!
His, was a picture as he mumbled something along the lines of, I thought you were my wife, her's was of just utter shock. Poor woman!!
What did I think?  I was rather pleased he didn't try to grab hold of her hand, could have been an issue!
And what did I do next?  In the words of TXT terminology, LOL of course!!!

Back now to my knitting of the week, I have just finished these very thick socks for Charlotte, ideal I hope to keep her feet warm when she's out in her wellies.

I've already got another sock on my needles ready for Jessica in the same yarn, Drops Big Delight.
Hopefully, I'll get the pair finished in a few days.

PS. A little foot note.
Only today am I beginning to believe that Sciatica and I after four weeks have had enough of each other. Today, for the first time I've been able to experience some pain free time.
Fingers crossed!!

Thursday, 14 February 2013


Yesterday on returning home from a nice lunch out I set to task preparing dinner - shepherds pie. I busied myself in the kitchen chopping onions and carrots and finally got the pie on the stove to cook.
Potatoes next I thought,  kept in the garage I went to grab the key but alas there was no key!
Where could it have got too?
Husband phoned to say he was on his way home and asked what's for dinner. Possibly shepherds pie, I told him if I can find the key to the garage. He suggested being helpful like, I find the spare which only opens the front of the garage meaning I would have to negotiate Jessica's doll's pushchair, our lawnmower and 2 boats!!
Finally, I returned to the kitchen, peeled the potatoes and got on with dinner.

Husband came home and we tried to solve the case of the missing key. I went through all MY pockets while he took a torch outside and went through the rubbish and recycling. No joy!
In the end he deduced that the culprit might well be under 3ft tall and went off to query the matter with her parents.

This morning, whilst I was told it was not a serious issue, I was reminded that it was important to find it. So, just a short while ago I've been through the toy box, rearranged the lego, looked under the settee cushions and indeed the settee, checked MY pockets again and then checked in the pockets of the duffle coat that hangs in the wardrobe.
Mine? - No!
Paddington Bear's?- Oh no!!!!
Husbands? - Oh yes, yes, yes!!!!!!!!!

All I can say is thank god it wasn't me that went through the rubbish!

Love 'em? - Well yes, it is Valentine's day after all!!!!

Monday, 11 February 2013


Sometimes even when you make things yourself once finished, they're not really to your liking. These slippers have unfortunately entered that category. Maybe it's because I struggled with the pattern at first although once I got properly started, the pattern was not difficult at all!
No doubt they will wallow somewhere in the depths of my bedroom and will be much welcomed on a cold winter's night when I can't get my feet warm.
I've already cast on for a pair of socks for Charlotte, still using Drops Big Delight but this time in a different shade. I'll have to go shopping again for more so I can finish them and make a pair for Jessica.

This past week I've had 2 visits to the oesteopath for treatment to my knee. It was so much better that on Saturday I was able to potter outside, just snipping at dead heads while Michael repotted herbs and broke up the wooden herb trough which now after a few years was beyond repair.

Some shrubs and trees are already showing signs  that spring is not too far a way. A pleasing thought, yet this Monday morning we've woken to another dusting of snow and a pretty dull and miserable day.
My knee is once again painful, (I don't think the cold weather helps), and I've been back to the oesteopath this afternoon for more treatment with another appointment booked for Friday.
My Mum would say that it's not nice getting older but she's nearly 90! I'm in my 50's and at the moment I feel like she does. It says something when my favourite companion of the moment is a tube of Bio-Freeze!!!
Hopefully next time I post I will be pain free, so less grumpy and I will also post some pictures of my sock adventure.