Sunday, 13 December 2009


Is there a hint of sarcasm in my title you may wonder. Well if I'd written it last week probably. However now I've done the cards, most of the shopping and decorated the tree with various baubles, novelties and edibles which should keep my grandchildren amused, I am beginning to get into the spirit of the festive season.
The tree is looking good, whether it will in a fortnights time remains to be seen. The man who sold it to me yesterday, Fred Smith, said it had been freshly dug up that very morning from his own Christmas tree farm, I was very impressed with that. We hadn't intended being out most of the morning, I mean how long does it take to buy a tree, but Michael had found this place on the internet, just the other side of Colchester and off we trundled. Hopefully the 40 mile round trip will prove to have been worth it.
All I've got to do now before the 25th December is wrap the presents, marzipan and ice the cake, help my daughter move house and FINISH ONE MORE BRACELET!
Do you think I'm stressed?

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  1. You are so good, I'm waiting for Dave to dig the tree from the depths of the loft. I've also got the cake to ice, thought I'd pull out all the stops this year and actually make a cake!