Sunday, 28 November 2010


For those of you who may be following the latest series of "I'm a celebrity get me out of here" [I'm not one of them] you may have found more entertainment if you had decided to follow me around my local Tesco's on Thursday morning.
Upbeat and determined, I would describe my mood as armed with a large trolley I ventured in to the store at 8am to do my pre-Christmas, infact I like to think only Christmas shop of the year.
At first I remained calm as I couldn't find this or they were out of stock of that, but as I proceeded along each aisle I knew, by the fact that people were beginning to stare that I was actually starting to moan at myself.
I felt, as I checked my watch, dismayed when I realised that I had been in the shop for over an hour and I had actually found and picked up only half of the things I needed.
Now feeling that this shopping expedition had deteriated into a "Tesco Tucker Trail" I flung my trolley round into yet another aisle, fortunately coming face to face with my friend Maureen who was hooting with laughter [she had no doubt heard me approaching long before I'd swung myself round the corner].
There was no hi or hello just cries of "I'm a Tesco frustrated unhappy shopper, get me out of here!!!"
That lightened the mood as we certainly had a good laugh.
I came home nearly an hour later, laden with umpteen kitchen & toilet rolls, well you never no how many you might need and enough essentials to keep us going until the New Year.

These photos are obviously totally unrelated to my rant about shopping but Michael took these when we were at Symonds Yat at the beginning of the month and I think they are perfect.
At that time thoughts of Christmas were just a blur on the horizon.

Now I'm spending all my spare time knitting, the blanket for Kate is coming on a treat. Hopefully I'll get that finished this week and then get it wrapped up for Christmas.
Another present done!


  1. Shopping on line is the way to go!

  2. I hate Tesco's too! The woman on the checkout the other week actually asked me why I seemed so cross! I didn't have the nerve to tell her it was her lack of skills that were winding me up. Plus I had been in the store for almost 2 hours. See you on Tuesday. x