Sunday, 9 December 2012


Yesterday at 2pm while 11 of us were sitting down to afternoon tea at Baumanns restaurant in Coggeshall we were reminded that in exactly 2 weeks time Kate will be getting married. 
That therefore means in just over 2 weeks time it will also be Christmas.
I am currently running 2 lists, one headed "wedding to do's" and the other, no doubt you've guessed, "what to do, what to buy, what to cook" for Christmas!
The afternoon tea was excellent and it was really nice to sit and relax and chat for a few hours.
The wedding now is getting so close and it is a very exciting time.

There was another kind of excitement earlier in the week when on Wednesday morning we received our first snowfall of this winter.  Now I'm sure the weather forecast on BBC's Countryfile predicted this for Wednesday (unless I dreamt it!) but obviously Essex County Council didn't watch the program as they announced that it had come as a surprise. So, consequently there were no gritters out the night before and no grit meant traffic at a standstill for most of the morning.
By lunchtime all excitement had diminished as the snow had melted and people could get back to the normality of their day.

On Friday, Diane came over and we made the bows for the hair and shoes and she sewed the mouths for the bridesmaid dolls. I'm really pleased with these and once the dresses are on I think they'll look brilliant.

Also, my knitted blanket is finally finished. It was a long task but I'm over the moon with the result.

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  1. The tea was lovely, and I was really pleased to be invited. Rachel says your blanket is really cool can she have one please��I said ��'s might fly first! The snow in your garden looked beautiful shame that the whole world stops when we get a tiny bit of snow❄❄❄