Wednesday, 7 January 2015


I've made a positive start to the new year.

Some new socks, hot off my needles
made with some yarn that I bought while on holiday back in the summer in Salzburg.

And a first for me in 2015 - a "selfie" of my modelling feet, which actually became a feat in itself.
It led to plenty of new year exercising, my nose virtually grazing on the carpet
as I struggled to get both feet in the picture and then when I had to come up for air I realised that I needed to plunge straight down again to take another as by keeping my legs and feet tightly together I looked more like a modelling penguin.
(photo deleted!)

 I've finally opened my bag of yarn goodies from Wool Warehouse and have made a start on a tiny baby hat.

Kate has decided not to know the sex of her baby but she is not a pink girl anyway and sways more towards greys and blues so I've gone with these colours to start with.
The Drops Alpaca Silk is for a crocheted blanket which I really loved as soon as I saw it on a blog that I follow - Heldasland

 Before I go I thought I'd leave you the recipe  that I found for these Cheese & Rosemary Sables that I made for christmas, they were so easy to make and really tasty.

175g plain flour + some for dusting
Half a level teaspoon of salt
Half a teaspoon of cayenne pepper
Half a teaspoon of english mustard powder
150g of unsalted butter chilled and cut into small pieces
75g of finely grated mature cheddar
75g of finely grated parmesan cheese

1 beaten egg
75g of finely chopped walnut pieces
1 tbsp of finely chopped rosemary and some sea salt 

Rub the butter into the flour, salt, cayenne pepper and mustard.
Add the cheeses and 1 teaspoon of cold water and bring together (like you would pastry)
until you have a dough ball.
Divide in half and roll out each on a floured work surface so you end up with 2  3 cms long logs 
Wrap individually in baking paper and then cling film for 3-4 hrs and pop in the fridge
 (I left mine overnight and they were fine)

Preheat the oven to 180c fan or Gas 4
Brush the logs with the beaten egg and roll in the walnuts.
Cut the logs in 4-5cms slices, place on some baking paper on a baking tray 3cms apart
Brush with beaten egg and sprinkle some with the rosemary and some with the sea salt flakes.
Cook for 11-12 mins.

Once cooked store in an air tight container.

I doubled this recipe and they kept really well. They went down well with pre dinner drinks and I will definitely be making them again.

Why don't you give them a try!


  1. Your socks look great, would loved to have seen you taking the photos!!

  2. Terrific socks! I think they are a great way to start the new year, and I might make it a tradition from now on to always have a new pair to wear on January 1. Yours are very bright and cheerful!

  3. Your right Kate isn't a Pink person, the colours you've chosen are just perfect! Love the socks, maybe you need one of those stick things for taking selfies! I've been getting good wear out of my hand knitted socks recently, mainly because I bought new boots and they are a size to big and the socks help fill the gap.....

  4. Love the socks, going to make 2015 the year I make my first pair. Karisma wool is lovely to work with, Kate will love what ever you make with it, great colour choice.

  5. You made me chuckle at your description of your selfie modelling :) Good socks! The new blanket colours are looking gorgeous x

  6. Those are ace socks! And I'm liking the sound of the baby knitting, as you know that's what's on my mind too!

  7. I laughed at the image of you modelling socks, they are brill. I love the colour. Im glad you like the pattern. Thank you for the mention on your blog. I too am knee deep in baby making stuff..Have a lovely weekend

  8. Love those socks and thanks for the recipe. I'll copy it down and try it soon. Look forward to seeing your baby makes. Take care.

  9. I love the socks, so bright and jolly! And I really like the look of the blues and greys for the blanket, they are always such an elegant and timeless colour palate. x