Tuesday, 10 February 2015


Last Monday, when I opened my birthday present, I thought, how lovely, we're going to spend next weekend in London and then I thought, oh dear and I don't feel at my best.
Tuesday came and husband stayed at home. He now didn't feel well either and I wasn't feeling any better.
We'd been struck with this head cold type of thing that gave us continual headaches, fuzzy heads, loss of appetite and just generally lacking in energy. 
Wednesday for him was only a slight improvement but my determination kicked in and I thought myself much better. Only I wasn't and on Thursday with the weekend looming I decided that a doctors appointment was my way forward and thankfully I managed to get one.

So on Friday arm in arm with my husband and my antiobotics off we went for our weekend in London.
It was the first time I'd been out for a couple of days and the blast of fresh air seemed to do us both good as we wandered along Southbank on our way to the hotel.

When I originally saw that Michael had booked matinee tickets for the Saturday to see Made in Dagenham, I laughed and asked if he'd booked the earlier tickets to ensure I stayed awake during the performance. Thankfully, I was relieved he had done as I don't think either of us would have been able to keep our eyes open, if it had been in the evening.
We really enjoyed the show, it made us laugh and as every hour passed we were beginning to feel so much better.

Sunday came and with it, lots of lovely bright sunshine.
Perfect for our afternoon up the Shard.

First stop, a lovely brunch, I'd call it lunch in the Oblix lounge and as luck would have it a table next to the window.

This is from level 32 and I took it with my phone.

After lunch we had to return down to the bottom before making our way up to the viewing platform on level 72. Here I let Michael take over with his camera to take the photos while I enjoyed the view.

We had a wonderful afternoon and from there set off back to where our car was parked and home. As we walked we chatted about the Shard and I wondered how on earth they would be able to keep all of that glass clean.
"Oh, it's all self cleaning" he said.
"Really!", I never miss a trick, "well, in that case why haven't we got that glass in our windows at home, we'll have that next!"
I simply hate, cleaning windows. 


  1. London looks wonderful from that level and you had the perfect day for it. Glad you managed to make the weekend and hope you are feeling better

  2. Wow - what a massive view! So glad that you managed to go despite your lurgies :) Lovely photos x

  3. We saw the shard when it was nearly finished on a trip to London. I'd love to go up there though. Wonderful photos'

  4. Oh goodie ... you felt well enough to go! And what beautiful weather to see London in :o)

  5. That looks amazing. I'm really glad you were well enough to go, it would've been such a shame to miss it. The views from the top of the Shard are incredible.

    I did try to leave a comment before but I don't think it worked - just in case you wonder why you got two!

  6. What a wonderful present! I'm glad that both of you were well enough to enjoy your stay in London.