Monday, 15 June 2015


 It's school sports day today and I've just returned home for a short break between junior and infant races. With a cup of coffee by my side I thought I'd just keep you up to date with my blog before heading off again.

The life of a busy grand parent!

We've had little people staying with us for the weekend. We collected the two girls straight from school on Friday and Jack earlier in the day.  Pre weekend I'd made my mind up to ensure that I'd got lots of things planned to do either indoors or out and a fridge/cupboard full of a variety of things that they might like to eat.

I didn't want them to get bored and I didn't want them to go hungry either, I needed them to be three happy children and for the most part they were so, I think I should get a star for that!

I popped into my local Hobbycraft the other day hoping to pick up some nice things for them to do and saw these knitting and crochet basket kits, half price. They were a must have as I knew the girls would love them and was really pleased that Charlotte had a good try with a hook and yarn and learnt to chain and DC stitch.

They brought nail varnish with them to decorate stones, that kept them busy for an hour or so, making ladybirds. 

Grandad was kept busy too. Alas, he had no time to work on his boat this weekend

but I ensured he had a little boat project to make for Jack.

We planted four sunflowers, one for each grandchild and while I headed to the park with Jessica and Jack, Charlotte and Grandad made these wooden labels. The nail varnish came in useful again!

While Jessica was happy to play and draw Charlotte sewed this pencil case together. 

When the little people went home last night, everything was again quiet in our home.
We had a really lovely weekend but boy, were we shattered.
Our bed beckoned early and we overslept this morning.

I think I need another coffee!


  1. You really are amazing grandparents, can I come next time. Hope the parents enjoyed their weekend too.

  2. Sounds like the perfect weekend, can't wait for mine to get to an age where they will sit at crafts for more than 10 mins!! We have the boys this coming weekend, they want to camp in the garden!

  3. I know what you mean.We love having the grandchildren to stay but it is tiring but great as well.It really pays off to be super organised like you were.

  4. well done! Looks like a very successful stay over Being prepared certainly makes it easier :)

  5. My goodness what fabulous grandparents you are. I love the ladybirds with nail varnish idea.I tet you were tired ,Thank you for the tip of buying milk on the other side of the departure however, everyday we have tried to order at boots and they seem to be out of stock so we can't order .We are trying everyday. It will help thanks. Everyone has come up with some great ideas.

  6. The one and only grandbaby here is only a few weeks old, but I'm taking notes, I have all this ahead of me!

    It looks like they had a fabulous weekend :)

  7. You are such good grandparents! Nail varnish on stones, I must remember that. And I love the pencil case, it's brilliant. I bet their parents appreciated the break too. x