Monday, 31 August 2015


It came................

Warm sunshine and a family holiday in Turkey

 Making sand castles 

Eating far too many desserts

Making a big splash on the flume rides

and even making a new friend, fondly named Dobbin who fortunately didn't require much feeding but always needed a bed for the night with Granny and Grandad 

Enjoying a wonderful day in London to celebrate VJ Day with my Dad starting on Horse Guards

then joining in with the parade passing the Cenotaph

followed by afternoon tea in the gardens by Westminster Abbey.
Very scrummy indeed!

Our  grandchildren's sunflowers have brightened up our garden a treat
Charlotte's grew to about 8ft so she was very pleased hers was a winner!

Finally this charming chappy was spotted at RHS Hyde Hall yesterday while we were there to wander the craft fair and the gardens. The sculpture  by Robert James is there to commemorate 150 years of Lewis Caroll.

And then it went .............

Goodbye August, hello September.

Hope your August was as wonderful as ours.


  1. That holiday looks amazing! Sunshine, sandcastles and desserts - sounds perfect, and a great way to spend August. x

  2. It seems to me that it came and went very quickly ... is it just me or is 2015 just flying by?!

    Your holiday looks like absolutely the best kind of family affair x