Saturday, 9 January 2016


Between christmas and new year we always spend some time walking by the sea.
On new year's eve, a very bright if somewhat blustery day we headed off to Shoeburyness to walk towards Southend. As it's been so mild, I contemplated wearing just a light jacket but my word was I so pleased I'd grabbed my winter's coat, hat, scarf and boots as we were leaving home.
The wind was so strong down by the sea it made it feel so cold, I was amazed at how many windsurfing people had taken to the water.
How also, I managed to take this photo I don't know with one hand trying to maintain a firm grip on my phone and the other holding on to my hat!

 Halfway through our walk we did have some respite from the wind. We sat in the warmth of a restaurant overlooking the water and enjoyed some extremely tasty fish and chips.
In our house a visit to the seaside and a plate of fish and chips always go hand in hand.

So we welcome in 2016, no new year resolutions made here. There is so much going on in my life at this moment that I'm going to take each day as it comes.

My yearning for bright colours continues. I bought this yarn at Yarndale back in September to make a bright and cheery scarf

 and indeed it is very bright.
I had ideas in my head to make a crocheted chevron design scarf but after a couple of evenings of despair, gave up, cast some stitches on my knitting needles and came up with this pattern myself.

With winter coming next week, I think I may have finished it just in time and tonight I shall wear it when we go to  see our grand daughters in panto with the Wickham Bishops Drama Group
By wearing it there will the 2 children see me from the stage through the dazzling lights?
Will it be, oh no they won't or oh yes they will?
Sorry, I can't resist a bit of pantomine jargon.

I really do want to do some more sewing this year so yesterday I bought this fabric to make myself a new kitchen apron. 

As I stood in the shop choosing what to have, the lady explained that if I wash it above 30 degrees this fabric may be inclined to shrink a little.
As I left the shop with it in nestled safely in my bag I thought,
I've got to make it up first!


  1. I hope to be more creative this year too - last year seemed to slip into a mire of study and 'things' - good luck with your creating and crafting - look forward to seeing you blog about it :) xxx

  2. Happy New Year. Love the scarf and I'm looking forward to seeing the apron. Love an apron myself and fancy making a vintage style one this year xx

  3. I love these two colours together, they will defo see you in that and I bet they will smile just for you. That will make you feel very special.It looks perfect I love the fringing. I am making a design at the moment that features a very heavily fringed edge. I am glad that I am not the only one with no resolutions.What do they say great minds think alike. Happy New year my dear.

  4. I LOVE the scarf, so colourful!

    If you washed the fabric at 40 degrees before making it up wouldn't that protect your apron from future shrinking mishaps?

    Happy New Year Jacqueline :)

  5. Those two colours together don't look like they're going to work but they really do! It's a great scarf and I love the fringing. x