Thursday, 3 March 2016


It's been a beautiful day here today, very chilly but also very bright and sunny. I love it when I can sit in the lounge and I can feel the warmth of the sun coming through the patio doors.
I was so tempted to get outside  and do a bit in the garden but I soon changed my mind after standing out there for a short while sorting out the recycling boxes. Brrrrrrr!

Our grandson Jack turned 2 this week. He has grown up so fast, a little baby one minute and now a smart little man. On Sunday the family got together for a little party to celebrate and as Jack is a great fan of Mr Tumble I made him this cake. 

His mum made this "Dip" train which looked really great and tasted very good too. Jack loved it!

Birthdays really do seem to come round so quickly. In a few days time our youngest grandson is going to have his first birthday. How many times do we say or hear those words, "where has all that time gone?"

Knitting is slow but I'm getting there. I am actually feeling better and with that has come some renewed energy. I've managed to finish the pouf, it just needs sewing and stuffing. Hopefully by my next post that will be completely finished and i'll be able to show you.
I've also got a little chevron blanket on the go but I only started that last night and managed just the one row during  the whole hour of watching Grantchester. I thought, no point in taking a photo of that until I do a bit more.

Unfortunately the ironing board is now beckoning me to sign off so, enjoy the rest of the week and I'll catch up with you again soon.


  1. Great cake and I love the dip train, very clever. Yes time does fly, can't believe your youngest is nearly 1. Its been too cold here to go in the garden too, I keep telling myself it will keep!

  2. I'm impressed with all your efforts! A great cake for Jack, he would have known it was Mr Tumble. I would love to get out in the garden, but far too wet yet. Getting itchy to knit, so made an order today from Wool Warehouse. Not sure why, I have a huge stash xx