Wednesday, 28 April 2010


Our spur of the minute change of destination for our holiday last week turned out to be a good one. The little hotel in St Aubin sur Mer was delightful and the view from our room looked right over the sea.
We went on long walks, [very slowly!] and eat too many entrecote steaks and mussels with frites. Mind you all very tasty and by the end of the week, our walking pace had picked up somewhat, so I'm sure we were burning off quite a few calories.
I do practice my french conversation while in France, much to Michael's amusement. Sometimes just for the fun of it, I'm tempted to fling in the odd word or two from Del Boy's vocabularly.
"Mange tout, mange tout!" springs to mind or even, "mais oui, mais oui."
Not sure how the residents of France would take that, but I'm sure they wouldn't look at me any more quizzically than they usually do.

The following pictures are of a Chateau in Vendeuvre. In April they have a festival of tulips and we were so lucky to go and seem them, the colours were amazing. It was a really peaceful place to visit, with a garden full of surprising water features. Not going to say anymore, just in case you decide to go there. Then you can enjoy the surprise too!

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