Monday, 17 May 2010


Yesterday Michael and I went along to RHS Hyde Hall, which isn't too far from here, just to meander in the peace and quiet and to have a coffee. The rhododendrons are in bloom, unlike the one in my garden and they do make such a delightful spectacle at this time of year that I just had to take some photos. This one is called Loder's White and the pink one below, Cynthia.
It's my mum's birthday next Saturday and I'd decided that I wanted to make up a couple of hanging baskets for her so moving on from Hyde Hall we went to the garden centre to buy new baskets, liners, plants etc. Michael was keen to buy the baskets already done but having watched Gardeners World on Friday I was spurred on to do a DIY job.
When I've made them up before I've always had trouble getting the plants through the side of the basket but the bloke on the tele made it look so easy.
He said, "Roll the little plants up in newspaper, push them gently through the hole in your basket, then remove the newspaper and you'll see there is no damage to the plant!"
Well! I wrapped the tender little plants in newspaper, I pushed and pulled and then rammed (with frustration) the little tender plants one by one through the holes and then found I couldn't get the newspaper off the little plants in one piece. By this time it was getting late and there was now a blustery wind that was blowing tiny scraps of newspaper all over the garden and beyond. The tender little plants that had managed to survive their ordeal were limp and in dire need of a prop.
I began to wonder if I should have listened to Michael and bought the ready made variety. After eventually completing the job, I gave them a good watering and crossing my fingers, hoped for the best.
Here are the baskets this morning, the plants inside are ok but round the edge, no comment!


  1. I'm Sure your Mum will be delighted with your effort. But maybe you missed that on Gardeners World, he did stress that he was using Y-E-S-T-E-R-D-A-Y'S newspaper! At the time Dave did say perhaps it doesn't work if you use last weeks paper or that days! Well whay days paper did you use?

  2. Oh no is that where I went wrong. I rescued last week's paper from the recycling bin. It was destined for shredding, so that possibly explains why it broke up.
    Not my fault after all!