Tuesday, 1 June 2010


We really enjoy it when our grandchildren come and stay with us. For a start, it gives us legitimate reason for watching "Top Cat" on a Saturday evening at 8 o'clock. Well, what else could we have watched, the Eurovision Song contest?
I don't think so. At least we can sing along with "Top Cat", we know all of the words!

On Sunday we booked tickets online to take them to the Sealife Centre in Southend. It was after that that we realised it was the Southend Air Show. Expecting huge crowds and difficulty in parking we drove to Leigh and caught the train into the town. Charlotte liked that, so we were off to a good start. We had an impromptu picnic down on the seafront, thanks to good old M&S and headed into the Sealife Centre. Things were going very well until Larry the Lobster made an appearance. Charlotte screamed and bolted off in the opposite direction with me chasing behind her as Michael tried to appease Jessica who wasn't enamoured with the character either but being strapped in to her pushchair was unable to escape.
Poor Larry the Lobster, he looked quite traumatised by the whole episode and probably needed to lie down in a darkened room.
Anway, after looking at the sharks and fishes and having a hands on experience with the crabs and starfish, we finally left there to watch some of the air show. It was really good. We then wandered along the seafront for a while and even the sun came out for a brief spell. So all in all we had a good day.
The children went home after breakfast on Monday so Michael and I decided to go out for the day. We went to Fairhaven Wood and Water Garden, which is in South Walsham Norfolk.
http://www.fairhavengarden.co.uk/ It was a very pretty place to visit. If the weather had been brighter, it would have been even nicer but we can't have everything!
The walk took us down to South Walsham Inner Broad where it was very blustery. We decided not to go on the boat trip, a bit chilly for that!

We drove back home along the coast stopping at Aldeburgh for something to eat. Aldeburgh is one of our favourite places, we head off there normally for a fish and chip supper sitting on the beach.
Yesterday even though the fish & chip shop was open Michael who is suffering from NewCar Syndrome preferred to eat dinner with a knife and fork and a table between us. So, we went into a restaurant called 152 and the food was lovely. Mind you he still had fish and chips!


  1. Sounds like everyone had fun except Larry the Lobster!

  2. How do you get Michael out so much? Sounds like a really lovely day.