Thursday, 24 June 2010


In my last post I mentioned the entrelac shawl well, this is all I've done so far!I've spent more time researching entrelac on this week than I have actually spent knitting the shawl. This may all look rather peculiar in the picture and no way does it have any resemblance to the picture on the pattern but I'm pretty sure that so far, even though there's not much of it, what I've done is correct.
Just this morning, whilst trying to change the bed, I had the whole scenario of base triangles, left sided triangles and rectangles whizzing through my head. I wasn't sure whether I was experiencing a summer flush or just a 50 something flush!
What I have realised over this week is that entrelac is an art and addictive. I may well have conquered the knitted socks earlier in the year,[ apparently you can knit them in entrelac as well!] so I shall persevere with the shawl for the time being.
If all else fails, I'll ditch the knitting and start sewing instead.
What a frightening thought!


  1. Start sewing! I knew you were secretly interested after visiting the Knit & Stitch show.

  2. I've looked at a video on You Tube of Entrelac Knitting! Take up stitching it's easier!I dont think you were having a flush, more like a breakdown - give up the addiction you know you want to. I'm sure there must be somewhere you can go to break this addiction! Like John Lewis and buy a shawl!!!!!!!!!!