Monday, 27 September 2010


My new knitting project:-
3 cushion covers for Kate. She'd found the pattern in a magazine just before we went on holiday and I thought they looked very patriotic and challenging. In red, white and blue, one of them has the motif of a Union Jack on the front. [at this stage, no scanner, no picture, imagination only I'm afraid]
Anyway I was quite keen to get started so wanted to get the wool asap. My local shop, the Cheap Shop is in Tiptree and is a real Aladdin's cave if you're after something in the arts, craft, material, wool etc line. I chose my wool, thought I'd treat myself to a pair of bamboo knitting needles and took it all to the counter to check with the woman that I had all the correct stuff for my new project.
The woman glanced from the wool to the pattern. "Yes, it's all fine" she said, then questioned, "You'll be doing the motifs with intarsia then?"
"Oh, yes" I replied confidently, trying to see on the pattern what exactly she was talking about as well as thinking, "Oh god, what the hell is that?"
It was no good. As she started to tell me I'd need to buy bobbins, yes BOBBINS!!!!!!! [I don't sew, remember] I decided I had to come clean and tell her I hadn't got a clue what intarsia was.
Good job the woman had patience, half an hour later I left the shop with the pattern, wool, needles, BOBBINS and somewhere in my brain the know how to complete my project to perfection.
So far I've knitted the back of one and a half cushion covers - they're just 86rows of stocking stitch. It's early days.


  1. Intarsia! I googled it and watched a youtube video!!!!!!! You are up for a challenge aren't you? You'll be doing patchwork and quilting next........

  2. Miriam, please don't. The thought of needles, cotton and any type of bobbin makes me come over quite strange.
    I'll give you a blow by blow account of how I'm getting on when I see you.

  3. Well done for knowing what a bobbin was! I know there is a textile artist hidden in you.

  4. I agree with Diane, it's hidden in there somewhere!