Sunday, 10 October 2010


"All you need is love" the pattern says. Yeah right, I believe that one.
I've now completed the backs for these three cushion covers, they are only knitted in stocking stitch so, so far, so good. Last night I wound the wool on to the bobbins ready to have a go at the love motif. [I'm leaving the union jack for a very chilled out day.]
The weather man says we may have blue skies today, well I can assure you that this girl here predicts the air may also be blue by the end of the day.
Being a bit of a glutton for a punishment I'm already planning beyond these cushions. As it looks like I'm going to have loads of wool left, I thought it would be nice to use it for a little patchwork blanket, I'm in search of a pattern as I speak.


  1. You do love to set yourself up for a challenge. The cushions would be so much easier to SEW!

  2. Diane you have no idea. I've got to sew the back on one of the cushions by machine as it's gingham fabric. I'm having hot sweats already and that's just the thought of getting Kate's sewing machine out of the loft!!!!