Thursday, 28 October 2010


There was great excitement in the town of Maldon today, the Queen came to visit. Firstly this morning she went to the Maldon Salt Company and then delighted hundreds and hundreds of people with a walkabout through the High Street. Eventually with a last wave she made her way into the town hall for a lunch.The atmosphere in the crowd was amazing. Kate, Jo, Charlotte, Jessica and I were able to get close to the barrier and considering we had been in position since 11 0'clock and the Queen didn't arrive until nearly 1pm everyone remained patient and in very good humour. Charlotte and her little friends waved their flags frantically.
The town was so busy that we decided to wait and see her leave by car for her journey to Tiptree for her visit to the jam factory, Wilkin & Sons. We only had to wait about an hour, which may seem a long time to you but when you've stood in one place for two hours anyway another one wasn't going to make a huge difference.
Again there was lots of cheering and flag waving as she went on her way.
It was a very special day.


  1. Maldon Salt and Tiptree Jam, Essex at it's best. Apart from us Essex Girls, the Queen was privileged that you stood and waited so long so she could get a glimps of the Beavis ladies!

  2. What a memory for you and the girls.