Saturday, 13 August 2011


I'm so pleased with these dahlias in my garden. They started their lives in those awful dried out packets that hang on stands in DIY stores. 3 for the price of 2, you know the ones I mean.
My first attempt at growing dahlias, I brought them home and eventually put them into pots.
Some weeks later I watched Monty Don on BBC Gardeners World, show how to pot up dahlias and grabbing my instructions that I hadn't looked at before, the next morning I was out in my garden retrieving my plants from the bottom of their pots and having another try.  
I had been wondering why they hadn't been growing but thankfully I got it right in the end.

I suppose it's a bit like my Mum who years ago was baking a cake but realised when she'd put it in the oven, that she hadn't put the eggs in it. 
Never mind, easily remedied, out it came, eggs were added, then put back into the oven. What's the problem with that?

Mind you, not so good when on another occasion she was rather heavy handed with the eggs and added the whole thing. Finding bits of shell in your dundee cake, was not the best, but certainly didn't do us any harm.

My mum is actually a really good cook, her father was a chef. Perhaps Charlotte takes after that side of the family.

She made this delicious apple crumble on Wednesday. We cut up the apples together and weighed out the ingredients for the crumble. I left her in the kitchen, rubbing the butter into the flour while I kept an eye on her sister . When I got back she'd got the consistency perfect, had added the sugar and spread the lot over the apples. All we had to do was pop it in the oven.
I must get her trained in the art of clearing up now!

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