Monday, 8 August 2011


I'm getting into my stride knitting these fingerless gloves now, shame the same can't be said for my photography!
I do wonder if the green haze is a result of the reflection of the sun on my new kitchen worktops?
or is it that I'm being lazy and clicking with my iphone which is always on hand and not the camera which is always somewhere where I am not?
Anyway, I'm really pleased with the gloves, they're both the same size and fit a treat. 

Going through my knitting bag I've got so many odds and ends of Debbie Bliss baby wool that I thought I'd use them up and knit some squares. Eventually they'll get sewn together for a small blanket either for me to put over my feet in the winter while watching tv or for Charlotte & Jessica for their dolls, It all depends on how big or small it turns out.

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  1. The camera on the iPhone is supposed to be really good, so it must be the sun. A lovely knitted snuggle blanket, what a wonderful idea.