Wednesday, 14 December 2011


 I've definitely tried today to get into the festive mood!
As I hadn't much to do today I took the opportunity to decorate our christmas tree.
Now having written about the pro's and con's of buying a tree in my last post I felt I must tell you about my own experience.
Heading towards the garden centre last Friday we could see in the distance some most peculiar coloured clouds and  so at the very point of reaching the huge choice of trees, the heavens' opened and we were caught in the middle of a hail storm.
Michael held the first tree up and said "This one?" I shook the hail from my hair and said "Oh no!"
"This one?" he asked as I run for cover. "Oh yes that one looks perfect. Let's get it!"
Not realising until we got home that it's trunk is somewhat deformed and my poor husband had a hell of a job trying to get it in the pot in such a way that it doesn't notice.
Anyway here it is looking very festive.

I've really tried to stick to colour schemes this year, so we have gold in the lounge, silver in the dining room and red in the hall.

So now at 5pm I'm pooped and decorated out. I've been up and done the loft ladder so many times, do I have a need for a gym membership?
Coupled also with the constant drone of the dehumidifier drying my kitchen and the heat its giving off, I really think a cuppa is now the order of the day and then I'll tackle the ironing and cook dinner.


  1. Despite being deformed you've worked a Miracle with the tree, it looks very festive. Forget the tea I'd go straight for a stiff drink! Just a small one of course!!!!

  2. A lovely tree. Do you have another one in the dining room and one in the hall too?

  3. It looks wonderful, be careful you dont want to wear yourself out. Are you doing all the cooking?

  4. Oh yes,, I'm cooking. My mum like to help where she can which is good.