Sunday, 4 December 2011


Why is it so hard to choose the perfect christmas tree?
Yesterday as Michael and I stood in our local garden centre surrounded by hundreds of trees I noted the usual conversations between men and women.

Man - "This one?"
Woman - "Too small!"

Man - "This one?"
Woman - "Too big!"

Man - "This one?"
Woman - "Too bushy at the bottom!"

Man - "This one?"
Woman - "Not bushy enough!"

Man - "This one?"
Woman - "No, can't you see it's lopsided!"

Woman - "This one?"
Man - "Too expensive!"

Michael said, "shall we get our tree today?"
I sighed and said, "No, I think it's best we leave it 'till next week, don't you?"

Other than the christmas tree, I have made a good effort this weekend with my christmas preparations. 
I've purchased the marzipan and icing for the cakes. I've made sausage rolls and mince pies, now in the freezer and I've written my first christmas card.
Needed to get myself organised, part of my kitchen is being ripped out tomorrow. However only a small part, hopefully.  I've got everything crossed as I write.
All repair work to the cupboards and flooring will take place in January. 
Joy of joys!!


  1. I'm impressed! I've been watching Nigella and Dehlia on TV and I'm determined to do some cooking this week for the freezer. I have created a draw space already waiting. Fruit prepared ready to make Christmas cake on Tuesday.

  2. I'll be cooking as little as possible this year! Not even going to ice the cake, it's for Dave and he doesn't really like marzipan and icing so he said he'd rather I didn't do it!!!!

  3. Have got to say I'm cheating with the cakes. Ready rolled marzipan and icing is my way forward with them!

  4. You are very organized.I agree about xmas tree I can't seem to find the perfect one