Thursday, 12 January 2012


The only problem with knitting in my mind is that eventually at some time during the project I have to turn this -

into this!

Today, I have reached that stage, well for one of them from the pair.
I could go on merrily knitting the second of the upper legs but then I'll have both boots to sew.
Trauma of traumas that would be!

You may have already guessed that I don't like sewing. I think it's because however much I try, I can't seem to do it very well.
So, rather than sit with a cup of tea,  make the most of the last of the daylight and at least pin the pieces together, here I am keeping up to date with my blog instead.

On a more positive note my sky scarf is coming on very well. At least no sewing involved with that!
I'll post a photo nearer the end of the month.

Another day tomorrow!


  1. What a great pattern, who are they for?

  2. Can't wait to see them finished. I'm sure you will make a great job of sewing them together.

  3. I agree about sewing up. The only problem I foresee with the sky scarf is the tangle factor! It nearly got the better of me yesterday.