Sunday, 22 January 2012


My new year's knitting challenge, the sky scarf is coming along nicely. Now that I've sorted out my system for keeping the balls of yarn as tangle free as I possibly can, it is only taking me a couple of minutes each day to complete the two rows.

 My scarf is fairly wide, I'm working on 54 stitches to correspond with my age. I got that idea from a blog that I was reading. Thankfully I'm not 90, otherwise I could eventually end up with a sky blanket!

Talking of blankets and throws, I'm hoping that is going to be my next project. Hopefully later this year we are going to decorate our bedroom, that's when and if the kitchen is finally sorted following the leak from the soil pipe which came to light in November. However that's all another story and I've decided to keep me sane I need to focus past that and concentrate on new projects around the house.
I have had a lovely pattern book of blankets and throws for sometime and I'm quite eager to get started. I just need to sort my colour scheme and find and purchase the wool.

Also, the slipper socks I wrote about in my last post are literally coming together, my plan for this afternoon is to get them finished.

Now, going back to Friday. I don't know why but I had this urge to make a meat pudding, I haven't made or eaten one for years. So yesterday I gave it a go.


after several hours, became this

and unbelievably turned out onto the plate


The only problem was there were only two of us to eat it!
Lots of left overs, hope the birds are hungry!!


  1. Wow lots of blue in that scarf, strange how I only remember the grey days! So you did make the pudding, can't it be re heated seems a shame to feed it to the birds. By the way like the new look blog.

  2. Wow really impressed with the pudding, Howard would love one for dinner . A knitted blanket for your bed, how wonderful. Have you been to the wool shop in Gt Baddow yet?

    1. No Diane, I haven't got there yet, have you?

  3. i'll dash on up and help you, it looks very yummo

  4. Your scarf is much brighter than mine. Must be greyer here in Norfolk. I'm saving it till the end of the month to show! I've already made a mistake which is annoying!

  5. Lovely sky scarf, I am doing it too (but haven't started knitting yet!) still recording the colours. Hope to post photos soon :)

    1. Looking forward to seeing it. Good luck!