Tuesday, 14 February 2012


Due to the cold, snowy and icy weather conditions last week, if nothing else, I did manage to crack on with my knitting.
These socks are coming on a treat

and i've already knitted 4 squares out of the 49 needed to make my blanket.

But by Sunday evening, I felt that if my pace of life became any slower I would actually come to a dead halt! When I went to bed I made my mind up that I would somehow get myself motivated and have a much more active Monday.
So, after an early morning swim, I threw myself into dusting, hoovering and washing. The several pairs of shoes and boots which only normally see the light of day when there are severe weather conditions were tidied away and I gave the fire and hearth a thorough clean.
To my amazement I still had time left in the afternoon to make spaghetti bolognese for dinner and make these blueberry muffins.

Today, driving home from my swim and still motivated I decided that I'd clean the car after my breakfast. Then I remembered that on Saturday the outside tap seized up. Fortunately I remembered that before I'd got the car covered in soap suds!
So a little later this morning, I'm off to have the car cleaned while I do some shopping in the supermarket. 77 belle has been making some lovely Granola and I want to pick up the ingredients and have a try.


  1. So glad that H doesn't read your blog. I always leave the car for him.

  2. My goodness you have been very busy.I cant wait to see your blanket once it is completed

  3. interesting squares on your header, so many different stitch patterns.