Tuesday, 20 March 2012


Whilst rummaging through my old patterns last week in search of my little green book on how to crochet I came across some dolls clothing knitting patterns that I'd completely forgotten I had.
 2 year old Jessica just loves dolls, calling them all her babies. Her first port of call when she comes here is to head up stairs to collect Tiny Tears but she's always concerned that the poor doll has no knickers!

So I've spent a few days away from my blanket squares and finding some oddments of wool have knitted the doll a new outfit, all finished ready to surprise Jessica when she comes here on Wednesday. 
 I think she looks pretty good for nearly a 50 year old baby!
Unfortunately I didn't find my crochet book but I do have hooks ready and willing. I haven't crochetered for about 30 or so years but I'm looking forward to getting back into it, I just need a refresher on what to do!

Meanwhile the sky blanket continues to grow and grow and I'm pleased that to date I haven't missed a day. 

The garden is now beginning to spring back into life, I love these little dwarf tulips. We've already planted potatoes in containers but in the next couple of weeks we want to crack on with vegetable planting.
I've been a bit lacking on the "planning" this year!


  1. (2nd attempt...)
    I can at last get to knitting my sky scarf, it has been on the back burner until today. I have been good and recorded the colours of each day and now I shall go and do a few rows before I have to go off to work. Your scarf is looking really good x

  2. Why is your scarf so much more blue than mine? My hubby says you must be a blue sky person!

    1. Fiona, i do try to look at the weather at lunch time each day and knit accordingly. Funnily enough on Monday I knitted my 2 rows while I waited for the washing machine to finish. It was a brilliant blue sky, so I knitted it. Then I went straight outside to peg the washing out and the most enormous grey cloud trundled past!!!! Since I've been knitting my sky scarf I have really noticed how much the sky changes in just a few hours.

  3. Nothing better than lots of clothes to dress a doll, eBay have patterns on disc! The scarf is looking great, you need to go skiing the sky was almost royal blue at times. Perhaps we could have a crochet afternoon together and a cuppa.