Sunday, 21 October 2012


What a challenge for a bleak Sunday afternoon in October. I'm trying to piece together and pin  in another panel of my blanket.
As you can probably tell, I've already walked away to have a think, that's why I'm sitting here tapping away on this post.
Hopefully, I'll go back and everything will seem clearer and not such a muddle.                                          

On a positive note this is the first time since I have been writing my blog that I've managed to place a photo on the left and write by the side of it. Even though I still have no idea how I've managed it, I'm pleased with myself. 

I have at long last found my mother of the bride outfit for Kate's wedding. In the end  I've actually ended up buying it online. I am a person who likes to support small independent shops but after countless visits to different shops and towns, it just became so frustrating to find clothes that I liked but couldn't try in my size and those that were in my size, not really what I was looking for.
Ordering online was so easy. I ordered on Thursday, the parcel arrived on Friday, I tried on everything I ordered yesterday and will be sending back what I don't want on Monday. How simple is that?

I've just popped back down to the kitchen and unfortunately the blanket hasn't miraculously sewn itself together so I'm going to have to leave my blog posting for another day and give my blanket the attention it deserves. Apart from that as it's such a dismal day I've probably only got a couple of daylight hours left.


  1. I'm so glad that you've got your outfit! I was starting to worry....... now we are both sorted you the mother of the bride outfit and me in my fairy godmother outfit, I'm a bit concerned that my wings and wand will get in the way but I'm sure we'll cope!
    The blanket looks great, if your still having trouble sorting it out try laying it out on the bed. More space?

    1. Crickey and I was just going to wear a jacket and carry a hand bag!
      The reason I had the blanket on the kitchen work top was to stop be getting back ache. To be honest I ended up with back ache anyway!!

  2. What a releif for you to have your outfit. Loving the blanket, do you have a home waiting for it?

  3. The blanket does have a home to go to, my bed.
    Was hoping to decorate first but that's not going to happen, not until the new year.

  4. I cant wait to see pictures of you in the new dress.I love ordering online.I cant bear changing rooms I get hot and bothered,it is so much simpler at home.I cant wait to see the finished blanket.