Wednesday, 3 October 2012


So now we're entering the month of October and the sky scarf continues to grow. The month of January is hanging over the back of the door, September is down towards my knitting basket. It certainly shows we've had a lot of grey days!

The wretched cold that I mentioned in my last post is rather like a boomerang. Three days I was completely clear of it and then back it came for the weekend. My poor mother is suffering with it  as well and exactly the same, some days much better and others not so good. Consequently today is one of the days where I've woken up full of snuffles and a head that feels like it contains cotton wool and not much else. This is not ideal when you're planning a shopping trip this afternoon to look for an outfit for Kate's wedding!

Some good news, Michael's new rowing boat arrived on Monday, all looking good. We're just hoping for some decent weather this coming weekend so he can give it a trail run.  This is definitely a single seater affair so I've no need to worry about getting my feet wet. I can just watch from the sea wall, take pictures and wave!


  1. Hope you and your mum feel better soon. The 'mother of the bride outfit', such a difficult task, I wish you good luck!

  2. The scarf is coming on a treat. Hope the shopping went well and you found the perfect outfit! Sorry you and your Mum are suffering hope your both better soon! The boat looks very sexy tell Michael. X

  3. The scarf is fantastic. I'll post mine up tomorrow and link to yours. I shall be so glad when I've finished it but I'm proud of us for sticking with it.

  4. Well done with continuing through with your sky scarf, I have to admit defeat, I could not handle knitting yet another row of grey interspersed with another line of grey, followed by another row of grey (you get my drift!) I have however still kept a daily log of the weather and intend on frogging back the first 6 months of the scarf and re-jigging but still using the colours I have been recording - can't wait to see Fiona's.