Saturday, 30 March 2013


Looking like an advert for all of my home made knitted creations I stood in the kitchen this morning donned in woolly hat, scarf, fingerless mittens and socks waiting for the snow flurries to abate. 
Yes, there I was, the crazy woman, intent on doing some gardening. I had another coffee and waited, until eventually the snow flurries diminished and the sun popped out ever so briefly. Out I went and was surprised that for about an hour it was quite pleasant. Plants do appear to be very slowly on the move and these little daffodils, sheltered by the garage wall give a welcome show of colour.

The forsythia, normally the first plant to bloom in my garden is slow to get going this year and has just this flower and a handful of buds.

 After a while the clouds loomed heavy and grey again, once more there was a chill in the air and along came another spell of snow flurries. I headed back indoors for lunch, gardening - finito!

This baby blanket knitted in Drops Alpaca is, or should I say was, coming along nicely.
Late last night as I was watching tv my mind told me I was tired and I should really put my knitting away. Unfortunately I ignored the warning signs, carried on, dropped a stitch and as the saying goes, the rest is history. 
I've always said I'm not one for needlework mainly because I haven't the patience to unpick and put right my mistakes. Yet knitting has just the same faults. This morning I had to undo about 6 rows to rectify the problem and I did have the patience to do that. 
Perhaps I should give needlework  a go?



  1. We read it here Miriam, a sewing project is on the horizon. A simple patchwork bag I think.

  2. I think they say LOL Diane!!!! Happy Easter Jacqueline, it's snowed here today too....