Tuesday, 5 March 2013


Dare we even think that Spring may have arrived? Well we probably shouldn't, we're only just in to March after all but the sunshine that we have had over the past few days has certainly done me good.
I feel fitter and have certainly got more energy, my sciatica has virtually disappeared and my head is full of plans for the garden, decorating and new things I want to knit. 
On Sunday it was great to be outside. I mowed the lawn for it's first cut of the year and tidied round in the garden. Later in the afternoon Michael and I went along to RHS Hyde Hall and took a slow but long walk around the gardens. Not too much colour there as yet so this border really stood out and caught my eye.

Two pairs of wellie socks are now finished and delivered and I have now found a pattern on Drops for a pair of wrist warmers which I am knitting for my daughter as a surprise. She will be off walking with her husband and friends somewhere in the lake district over Easter and I have a feeling the weather may not be as it is today. I think she'll appreciate my woolly wrist warmers.


  1. The colours in that bed are gorgeous, well worth the trip out! I'm sure the wrist warmers will be appreciated are you knitting matching ones for her husband?