Wednesday, 29 May 2013


Do you ever get the urge to do something at the drop of a hat?

Take me this morning, I came home, having been for a long swim and sat on the settee munching my breakfast and thinking about how I was going to spend my day. Leisurely I thought, a quick food shop, an hour or two in the garden potting up some geraniums and later plenty of knitting.
Well, that was my plan until I had this sudden whim that THE settee, my breakfast seat, would look good on the other side of the lounge. I shot off to get the hoover, duster and my "feather flick", a must for evicting spiders, their webs and inoffensive daddy long legs from their slumbers.
I was like a woman possessed pushing and pulling the blasted settee which would appear to have castors that neither move left or right, backwards or even forwards. Finally I had moved all the other furniture to their final destination and I sat back, relaxed and had a coffee before making one last push to move the settee in place.
Can you guess what happened next?
Well there's obviously a reason why the settee has never made it to that particular area of the lounge before because as I found this morning, basically the gap isn't big enough! 
So how stupid am I?
I did have a good reason to move the settee, I thought how nice it would be if I could sit in the afternoons, doing my knitting and looking out at my lovely garden, through out the summer months. (Sorry, I'm biased, it's my garden, so I can think it's lovely!)

This photo wasn't taken this morning as it's pretty miserable out there today but sometime over the sunny bank holiday weekend.
As for the settee it's still wedged where I left it! I've had another coffee since then and regaled by woeful tale to you all. But now I do have to go back to the lounge to face the consequences of my actions.
As for the geraniums, they're still waiting!!


  1. Umm, been there and done that, the number of times I have re-arranged the lounge furniture only to replace it back to almost the exact way soon after, for similar reasons - settee too big and gap far too small...sigh.

  2. Did you put the room back to the original position? The garden is looking lovely! What is the latest knitting project?

    1. No, a new look to our lounge Diane, mainly because I couldn't push the settee much further!
      Hopefully by next week you will see the result of my latest knitting project.

  3. Garden looks lovely. Hope all is well

  4. It looks like a lovely garden to me. I had to giggle about the settee though, but only because I've done something similar more than once in the past!