Sunday, 2 June 2013


A big thank you to RHS Hyde Hall for once again putting on some great activities during the holidays to encourage young children to enjoy their own gardens and the wildlife around them.
I took my grand daughters there on Tuesday, an extremely wet day and we spent a pleasant morning, planting cress in milk bottle tops, painting stones and getting a little mucky turning pine cones into hanging bird feeders filling every crevice with a mixture of lard and bird seed. They also learnt how to take a cutting of Lemon Balm. Hopefully if they remember to water them at home they'll end up with two nice fragrant plants!
A man demonstrated how to make a flower pot out of newspaper and both girls listened intently. When he suggested Nanny might like to lend a hand, the older of the two didn't pay too much attention, she was too busy concentrating. However the younger one stopped rolling up her paper, looked up at him and said quite indignantly, " THIS is not my Nanny, THIS is my Granny!" and then head down she was locked back into concentration mode. 
Poor man! 

After we'd had lunch the rain eased for a little while and we set off in search of the new play tower. Obviously, once we'd found it hidden in the trees we had to get to the very top. This is when I think I actually turn into super gran because although very wet and slightly slippery the three of us climbed up  somehow and made it to the top!
While the girls looked out over the view, I took a few minutes breather and had a very hasty strategy meeting in my head to work out how we were going to get back to ground level. After all, I'm super gran not superman!

I was really hoping to show you the baby blanket I've been knitting which should be finished by now but while my husband is busy doing DIY I can't seem to settle down to knit. By the time I blog next it should be completed and I can show you and tell you what I plan to start next. As always too many ideas for so little time!


  1. If you are booking a class in the summer holidays, let me know and I will take Sonnie. It sounded like a really great day, despite the weather. How about your crocheting project?

  2. That is a great idea Diane, we'll do that!
    Crochet is on the go again and going ok!