Saturday, 8 June 2013


Now that it is finished I'm really pleased with this baby blanket. I've made it for one of Kate's friends who's expecting in September. Now she tells me that another friend is expecting, so I need to get my thinking hat on again and get back to the wool shop. 

Meanwhile while I'm thinking I've picked up my crochet hook again and I'm back working on my granny square blanket.

 One of best things about summer is that you can enjoy all the summer goodies. Last Sunday we had our first bbq of the year and this fruity dessert that I had conjured up after seeing a Mary Berry recipe in the Radio Times was divulged by my very hungry family fairly quick until not a berry or crumb was left on the plate!

Another thing about summer sunshine is that it makes you feel that you want to get out and have fun. 
Yesterday as schools were closing for the weekend we collected our grandchildren and set off for the seaside. 
Considering my husband is of the "all things boats" fraternity and we also live a stone's throw from the river we can never seem to judge the right time to arrive at the seaside, when the tide is in. This is despite owning two tide clocks, one upstairs and one downstairs.  
So as we drove over to Mersea Island with two children in the back clutching their fishing nets, it soon became evident and no surprise when we crossed the Stroud to find that the tide was completely and utterly out!
We soon however got stuck in to some serious digging and sand castle design

 and I made use of the fishing nets and created a hopscotch course. This kept us amused for a while, while Michael went off to buy us some dinner.

As the seagulls flew overhead, we dined on fish and salty chips straight from the paper. The girls thought that was great and eat hungrily, probably because they were worried that the seagulls would swoop and pinch their chips.
Then after dinner as the tide was now on the turn my three intrepid explorers set off to find the sea!

They didn't quite get there as they had to turn tail and return to sandier ground. Unfortunately they got a  little muddier than was intended. Their grandad had one of his best pair of shoes on as well, oh dear!


  1. Oh dear, hope you didn't get into trouble about the shoes. Glad you are hooking I again! X

  2. Oops you need to check those clocks! Looks like everyone had fun though and the blanket is great, how about a patchwork quilt for the next project?

  3. I remember going to meet the rising tide with my Dad in childhood ... it was an exact science, timing it right so that you were still on sand when the water hit your feet!

  4. What a wonderful adventure! You look to have had lovely weather for it too :)