Thursday, 19 September 2013


I know we all keep lists of some kind or other either, mentally in our heads, hand-written, perhaps on a back of an envelope or these days stored neatly on our phones/tablets/computers.
I tend to have my lists stored in my head and on my phone.

"My knitting to do's" list is currently sitting in my head.
1. Crochet the border to the otherwise complete granny square blanket.
( This is currently waiting patiently on the chair in the lounge, willing me to get on with it!)

2. A pair of fingerless mittens, knitted this week in just two evenings, but now waiting next to the blanket on the chair, just to be stitched up!

3. Then there's this little baby jacket I've made for a friend of Kate's, baby not due until December. When I got back from holiday I popped out, bought the wool, (Sirdar Snuggly), knitted it, sewed it, sewed on the button and finished it. Why can't I do that with everything I make?

Moving on now to the "DIY jobs that need attention in the household department" list.
We haven't actually got a huge list, but I think it would be better termed as a rolling list. As one thing is ticked off then something else takes it's place.
So since the weekend Michael has made and fixed in place the shelves in our wardrobe and very nice they are too. That's 1 ticked off!
No 2 on the list was to order the parts to repair the taps in the kitchen. (They have drippy tap syndrome!) Done!

Now on to the list goes -
1. Toilet seat cracked in ensuite - order a new one!
2. Hairdryer needs looking at. It had a distinct burning smell when drying my hair this morning and I think it's got a loose wire. Thankfully I have a spare!

Never ending!


  1. The little cardigan is so sweet, I used to really enjoy knitting baby clothes. When I saw the picture, I thought that your blog was going to make an announcement.

  2. Life ... maintaining everything is like painting the Forth Bridge isn't it.

    Love the sweet little baby jacket :)

  3. Love the baby jacket.
    Those lists just keep rolling along don't they?